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Trayvax Team Stories: Tristan

Tristan explains his passion for building the Trayvax Contour. The refined machining and handcrafted quality combined to create the perfect slim metal wallet. 

"I ended up at Trayvax actually through a friend. At first I wasn't building Contours I was building the simplest one we make which is the Summit
My friend was actually the lead worker on the Contour and I could kind of go over there in my free time and ask him, you know can you teach me how to stitch can you teach me how to assemble. Before I knew it I was over there working all day long. 
What makes a contour special to me is it's like a perfect combination between technological advances and handmade items. It's cool to say I work with something that has such a value behind it.
This is Tristan from Trayvax signing off."


  • Ryan E

    Duuuuude, the Element you made is sick! I love it. Thanks for great job man!

  • Jason Myers

    Tristan, a personal note to thank you for the Element wallet that you made for me. This is the first Trayvax product I have purchased, and I am blown away by the craftsmanship and detail of this wallet! I’ve not even had it for a day, and I’m already set to purchase more products. Thank you for the quality work you did, and keep up the great work!

  • Varg

    This one goes out to Tristan. My Contour came with a note saying that you made what sits happily in my pocket today and it is by far the most amazing wallet I’ve ever owned and I hope it gave you as much joy to build as it does for me to own. I absolutely love it and I could only be made happier if I were to be there making them along side everyone at the Trayvax team. Thank you.

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