The Best Travel Souvenirs

The Best Travel Souvenirs

When you’re out on vacation, bringing back little trinkets is a time-honored tradition. Kitschy mugs, personalized knickknacks, keychains, and the like. But what’s the best travel souvenir, and how do you make them memorable? And what should you avoid? We’ll tell you in this post.

Do Keychains Make Good Souvenirs?

They certainly do! Cheap enough to not break the bank, colorful, and highly collectible, a keychain makes for a fantastic souvenir. Get one with a bottle opener for your dad, or one that looks like a googly-eyed lobster for your little cousin. And you can have friends and loved ones get you keychains too. What can you use to hold all these fun keychains? A carabiner clip keychain, like the Keyton Clip, is a great choice. It’s tough enough that the weight of souvenir keychains won’t be a problem, but it looks good enough to match them. And the durable leather will be able to withstand all of your travel. So keychains of all kinds make for great souvenirs.

keychain bottle opener

Souvenir Pens: Fun and Useful

For an inexpensive souvenir, a fun pen will fit the bill nicely. It could have a cute design, the recipient’s name drawn on it, or be a unique shape. Everyone needs to be able to write things, so why not make an important task into a fun memory? It can also pair well with a men’s notebook wallet like the Summit Notebook. Use the two together to write rough drafts for a postcard, jot down your number for the cutie at the bar, or sketch the birds in the trees. Then use the wallet to buy the postcard, get her a drink, or rent some binoculars for a closer look. For a fun reminder of your vacation, pick up a pen and use it with your favorite notebook.

Mugs and Cups

Another thing everyone needs is something to drink out of. So get a fun mug for the folks back home. They can be personalized, extra-large, shaped like something strange, or have a joke printed on the side. And to open a bottle and pour it into a mug, try something with a built-in bottle opener, like our Shift Wallet Comb. And not only can this little comb pop open your fancy glass-bottled soda, and make you look presentable for your nights out, it’s also perfect to protect against nefarious RFID signals. This little comb won’t break the bank, so buy one to slip into a recipient’s mug.

T-Shirts and Other Clothing

Another classic souvenir is the novelty T-shirt. It can be flashy or funny, or good-looking. If you know what sizes your loved ones wear, T-shirts and hoodies are great gifts! And we here at Trayvax have a fantastic hoodie. It’s durable, warm, and looks great with anything. The blue Trayvax logo stands out nicely against the black hoodie, and the front pouch can hold your phone and keep your hands warm. This hoodie is a great choice for any loved one.

Poor Choices

Not all souvenirs are good ones, though. If you try to take a snow globe on a plane, it’ll either be searched or likely break. This can lead to water, glitter, and fake snow ruining your clothes. Large, fragile knickknacks aren’t the best choice either. You don’t want that huge porcelain dragon missing a wing when you go to give it to a friend, after all. Stick to smaller, more portable options. Maybe a plush dragon would be a better choice for your friend. But if you feel the need to get something more fragile, maybe you could get it shipped instead.      

Another souvenir that’s not worth getting is any cheaply made light-up toy. They tend to look like weapons on the X-Ray machine, so they’ll likely get your checked bags searched. And if you take them on the plane, they’ll annoy everybody and get your carry-ons searched. And they don’t last very long before breaking either. Sometimes, they won’t even leave the carnival or show before they crack. Save your money, bring glow sticks from home.

In Conclusion

Souvenirs come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of usefulness. Some are fun, like a T-shirt or keychain, some are practical, like a souvenir pen, and some are a mix of both, like a mug. But fragile items like snow globes, don’t make good souvenirs. You can pair the good souvenirs with quality Trayvax products. Take this info on your next vacation, and bring some good stuff back.

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