Talon Sei Edition Trayvax Cinch Belt

Here we go! To help promote our biggest influencer, Talon Sei, we wanted to do something special for his followers. For the next 30 days, we are offering the Talon Sei Edition Trayvax Cinch Web Belt

 Talon Sei Edition Trayvax Cinch Belt

We decided it was the perfect time for another promo with Talon since he just moved to influencing full time. Talon worked with us on the design and we came up with engraving his logo into the Trayvax Buckle. 

Check out this video of Talon testing out his new ccw Cinch Belt with his edc. 

Go check out the Talon Sei Edition Cinch Belt and do your part to support Talon, the newly full time influencer, and enjoy our ccw web belt!

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