Simple Design for an Easily Adjustable Minimalist Wallet

Simple Design for an Easily Adjustable Minimalist Wallet

The Trayvax Summit is our minimalist wallet designed for an ultra lightweight everyday carry. It carries the essential cards and cash you need while on the go. It only makes sense that we made it easy to adjust on the fly.

Trayvax Summit: Minimalist wallet

Here are the 3 simple steps to adjust your Summit for the perfect fit:

1. Start with your Summit being completely empty. Loosen the nylon on the back of the Summit by pushing the strap down through each slot with your thumb.

2. Once it is fully loosened, place all the cards you want to carry (max 8 cards) in the front.

3. Starting in front at the top of the nylon, push down on the slack with your thumb. Continue pushing all the slack down and around your Summit then through each slot until none remains. 

Simple as that! Check out the video below for help.

Too lightweight? Getting lost in your pocket? Try out our armor plate for some added bulk. The Armor Plate increases RFID protection, security, and has the ever desired bottle opener. 

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