Our Free Gift to Dad

Our Free Gift to Dad

Dad’s put up with a lot throughout the year. If your kids are anything like mine, dad’s have to deal with bloody knees, stinky butts, and psychopathic behavior on the daily.

And despite our first aid measures, constant scrubbing and endless patience, we don’t get a whole lot of thanks from our little one’s. Instead, they whine and scream that the alcohol burns their cut or the newspaper is too rough on their bum, and lash out at you for not being “gentle like mom.”

Dad’s deserve better! This Father’s Day, we’re offering a special gift for all the dad’s out there. We’re giving away a free Keyton leather bottle opener key chain for all orders over $49.99 from now until Father’s Day.

If your kids are anything like mine, you’ve got a lot of sleepless nights ahead. So go ahead and treat yourself this Father’s Day. Crack open a cold one with your new Keyton. Dad’s deserve it!

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Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez

Had to order another one of awesome wallets. Since someone stole my trayvax element from my home.
Good product, keep up the good work fellas

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