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Trayvax Link Lanyard Update

You may have noticed that one of our favorite pieces of gear is currently not on the website. Sadly, the Link Lanyard and Link-Stretch Lanyard are currently on hold as we have several issues we need to work out before bringing them back.

Trayvax Link Lanyard

Since taking it down from the website, we have had numerous people reach out to us looking for a status update. Don’t worry, it won’t disappear. We want to make sure that everything is running smooth and it is of the highest quality before we bring it back for sale.

In the meantime, we are getting ready to release the new Keyton Clip! Combining the same custom Carabiner from the Link Lanyard with our trusted leather from the Keyton design, we’ve created a happy medium for the minimalist lanyard.

The Keyton Clip will join our gear lineup in the near future. Make sure to follow us on social media and our mailing list to stay updated on the new release and all future promos!



  • bo riddle

    Just went to order some after seeing it on youtube as gifts and found out its not available anymore , I’m heartbroken, I’m shaking my head. My girl is asking me , " I don’t know woman".

  • boris

    what the hell , I want one of these and cant find any anywhere, like to pick some up for gifts for the holidays, I need it and have to have it. a friend of mine has one , its pretty cool

  • Nick Giordano

    Had this for well over a year now I see nothing wrong with it’s current design- tip does rust a little but don’t bother me allot of people ask me about it and I tell them it’s discontinued and have to see the sad look on their face . You can keep all the other clips I’ve tried them all , bring back the link and the stretch and make the tips available to reorder for my other keys motorcycle, atvs , it dosnt make any sense to not have it you don’t have allot of items but the one good thing you made you got rid of I don’t know if your going to be at shot show Vegas this year if so I’ll see you there . Be great if we could get these for Xmas

  • Doug

    Bring the Trayvax link back! Love that keychain!

  • Peter

    The Link Lanyard is epic – really would love to be able to buy it again, is there any update?

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