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The Link Lanyards: Why We’ll Never Launch a Product on Friday the 13th Again

Lesson learned. We’ll never launch a product on Friday the 13th again. For those of you who aren’t aware, we launched a couple of new products last month on January 13th (a Friday): The Link and Link Stretch Lanyards, a couple of EDC lanyards consisting of a quick release swivel secured to a custom stainless-steel Trayvax carabiner.

These lanyards are really cool and things started out great. We received a good number of orders and our production team was cranking things out and making it happen. Then, our sewing machine broke the following Tuesday. No big deal, the local sewing machine repair company was called out the same day, but they couldn’t pinpoint the issue.

So we end up calling the most reputable sewing machine repair shop in the state. It was a 100-mile drive South, but one of our engineers drove it down that same day so as not to waste any time. On the way home, it started snowing… again. The next day, the entire city of Seattle was paralyzed from snow and ice. No one made it to the sewing machine repair shop that day or the next.

Fast-forward a couple of days and the snow and ice begin to clear. The shop gets a chance to diagnose the repair, calls with a quote and we give the OK to make the repair with a new part. Unfortunately, it’s now the weekend, so repairs get scheduled for the following week!

Next week rolls around and as you can imagine, the repair shop runs into some “unforeseen issues.” Long story short, we just got the machine back last week, we’ve been cranking out production and we’re pleased to announce the Link and Link Stretch Lanyards are now available for purchase again!

We’re looking at getting a new machine to enhance production and to ensure we have a backup to prevent any future issues. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we worked through the issue. And we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. We have certainly learned a great deal from this experience.

Thanks again to all our wonderful friends who continue to support Trayvax and US-based manufacturing!

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