Labor Day Weekend Special Release & Discount

Labor Day Weekend Special Release & Discount


On Labor Day we celebrate the achievements and contributions American workers have made to our country.  It seems fitting to celebrate hard work with some nice, easy relaxation on one of the last (hopefully beautiful) days of summer. As an American company, we are very proud of our status as a company that sources and produces high-quality gear in the USA. In addition, with our goal of creating 5000 jobs we are working to be leaders in the revitalization of American manufacturing.

In celebration of the holiday, the team here at Trayvax will be spending our Labor Day out of the office enjoying ourselves. For you guys, we've created the Trayvax Element - Old Glory customization option. This version of the Element comes with the American Flag stylishly branded on the back leather flap. From Thursday 8/31/17 to Wednesday 9/6/17 this customization will be available for $79.99 (Silver plate) and $84.99 (Black Edition).  See the collection.


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