How to Choose the Right Belt Buckle

How to Choose the Right Belt Buckle

A belt buckle can make or break your look. Belt buckles connect two ends of a belt to keep it closed. Without a belt buckle, you’d have to tie the belt around your waist, which isn’t exactly an excellent look. A belt buckle, like a front pocket wallet, comes in all sorts of shapes, designs, etc. making each of them stand out in their own ways.

As you know, there are many kinds of belt buckles in the market. Many buckles are geared toward men that like to look traditional, whereas others are more “out there”. If you’ve recently bought a black cinch belt but you don’t know what buckle to best wear it with, we’ve got you covered.

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Common Types of Belt Buckles

Like a minimalist leather wallet, there are many ways to wear your leather belt. Belts can be functional (i.e. to keep your pants up), fashionable, or in most cases, both. Keeping in mind the kind of buckle you pair with your belt can complete -- or ruin -- your attire. To ensure you don’t commit a fashion faux pas, below, you will find the different kinds of belt buckles.

Screw Closure

A belt buckle with a screw closure is the most well-known kind of buckle. It comes with a screw bar that offers fast and efficient closure. It’s so common, chances are that you currently own at least one belt with a screw closure.

Clamp Closure

This kind of belt buckle comes with two parts that are attached to either end of the belt. A clamp belt buckle is like a front pocket wallet -- it can be dressed up or down, depending on what you’re wearing it with.

Stitch Closure

A belt buckle with a stitched closure is a classic. This kind of belt buckle is often found in leather belts and is attached to only one end of the strap. Like most kinds of buckles, stitch closure buckles are paired with belts that have holes in them.

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Tongue Buckles

Tongue buckles come with a metal loop and a pin or prong. There are two types of tongue buckles: single-tongue and double-tongue. As you might have guessed, the single-tongue comes with one tongue, while the double-tongue is held together by two tongues. The double-tongue buckle has a greater grip.

Reversible Buckle

A reversible buckle allows you to wear your belt in two ways. This belt buckle can be found in belts that have different colors on each side -- a common “combination” is a belt strap that’s brown and black. Reversible belt buckles are ideal for travel, as you no longer need to bring more than one belt in your luggage.

Dress Buckle

A dress belt buckle is like a metal wallet with money clip -- it’s flat and it offers a polished finish. When worn, the dress belt buckle looks “invisible” since it is usually the same color as the wearer’s pants. Unlike other kinds of buckles, it does not draw the eye down to the waist. The buckle is designed to pull up the pants without looking too distracting.

Webbing Buckle

Webbing buckles feature a loop that one end of the belt strap is fastened to. They are often found in a fabric or nylon black belt, a type of belt that doesn’t come with holes. Despite the lack of holes, a webbing belt buckle provides worry-free hold power.

Snap Buckle

Snap buckles are attached to both ends of the belt band. The pieces are often made of plastic that snap together to close the belt, hence, they’re easy to attach and detach. Unlike most belt buckles, the snap buckle lacks formality, which is why it’s usually worn as a utilitarian piece. They are often found in fabric belts.

Detachable Belt Buckle

A detachable belt buckle can be worn with a nylon belt. As an interchangeable belt buckle, it features a fuss-free profile so that it can be paired with any kind of belt. If you’re in the market for this kind of belt buckle, try the Cinch Buckle from Trayvax. It comes in a variety of colors so you’ll have an option for every occasion.

The Bottom Line

Just like choosing a minimalist leather wallet, when it comes down to choosing the best belt buckle, you need to think about what you want to look like. Do you want to appear classy or casual? Think about what you want to wear and how you want to wear it -- this will allow you to confidently decide on the kind of buckle to wear with your belt.

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