Have You Seen These Smart Water Bottles?

Have You Seen These Smart Water Bottles?

We all know that metal wallet with money clip are an excellent way to spice up your outfit when you want to stay trendy and elegant. Do you know what else can do the magic? Smart water bottles!

Drinking enough water during the day can keep our skins healthy, our energy levels up, and our organs functioning properly. But it can be hard to remember to drink enough water while we're out and about.

To make it easier, many people invest in a handheld water bottle to always carry with them. But the market has so many options.  Which one should you get? A smart water bottle can beat all! Not only are these bottles good for keeping track of how much water you drink, but they also have other neat features that will make them worth your while.

So, if you tend to be thirstier these days, be sure to read this blog post before making any decisions on what bottle to buy! We’ll help you understand why smart water bottles are better and suggest a couple that can go a long way in keeping you hydrated and healthy.

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Four Smart Water Bottles to Stay Hydrated and Stylish

Dressing elegantly also requires that you compliment it with nice-looking accessories like the Trayvax Armored Summit Wallets and smart water bottles.

There are so many choices of these smart devices out there, such that arriving at a decision might be daunting. Here are the five best smart water bottles on the market today for staying hydrated on the go.

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Ozmo Smart Cup

A glance at Ozmo Smart Cup will have you mistake it for a coffee cup as it’s shaped exactly like one. And has a stylish lid to spice up its looks. This 16-ounce smart cup is designed for active individuals and can carry water, coffee, juice, or any other beverage.

It’s equipped with intelligence that allows it to sense the type of drink put in it. It uses several metrics to understand your body better to recommend the amount of fluid you need to drink each day. While doing this, it will also recommend how much coffee or other drinks you should be taking in favor of water. 

It has flashing LEDs to note achievement and remind you to take a sip to achieve your hydration goals. You’ll be able to customize your hydration plan using the Ozmo app, which you can also sync with fitness trackers like Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Watch. Ozmo Smart Cup, combined with Trayvax Roam Mini Cluth is a nice way to stay hydrated and keep your cards, cash, and other accessories safe as you stroll on a weekend.

Monos Kiyo UVC Bottle

Sometimes your water bottle might run out of water while outdoors and you might not have a safe refill nearby. Monos Kiyo UVC smart water bottle can come in handy, allowing you to refill from a river, lake, or faucet without worrying about micro-organisms present. If you like to stay handy while in the jungle, the Trayvax Trek Field Knife will be a great companion for cutting stuff.

This smart water bottle uses UV light to eradicate any harmful micro-organisms in your drinking water. By simply swiping once, it takes about 60 seconds to achieve a quick clean. Alternatively, the deep clean functionality takes three minutes to thoroughly clean the water.

Monos Kiyo UVC Bottle uses a rechargeable battery and has a USBC-C port that allows you to recharge for 3 hours to achieve its 30-day normal usage. It’s designed with lots of portability as you can carry it in your backpack, purse, or carry-on strap.

LARQ Bottle

LARQ bottle is yet another smart water bottle that uses UV-C to sanitize the drinking water and cleanse itself to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. It’s not just about cleaning the water; it also has an app that helps you keep your hydration in check.

With a simple button press, the bottle can clean itself in 60 seconds. And when not in regular use, it self-cleans every two hours. Additionally, it has double insulation, which makes it a little heavy, but handy in keeping your drinks cold or hot the whole day.

Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle

Thermos as a brand is not new in the hydration business, but this classic smart water bottle offers new features that are unique to the brand. Recently, the bottle was equipped with a phone app and smart lid to sense water intake and track progress through Bluetooth.

If you want a real-time hydration bottle, this is it. It will keep you updated with push notifications as you go about your daily business. The bottle is also lightweight, more ergonomic, and easy to learn how to use.


Remaining stylish isn’t all about dressing nicely and carrying slim money clip wallets. It’s also about carrying functional items like smart water bottles to keep you comfortable and hydrated.  Pick one of the three best smart water bottles to complement your casual wear with a black cinch belt

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