Four Ways to Get Rid of a Bulge and Improve Your Style

Four Ways to Get Rid of a Bulge and Improve Your Style

A leather money clip wallet, an elegant wristwatch, and a perfect heavy-duty web belt can complement your outfit and give you that irresistible look everyone desires. But a bulge will ruin everything for you. That’s why you need to eliminate it and stay adorable.

When it comes to weight loss, most people think about calories in and calories out. That is only one part of the equation when it comes to getting rid of a bulge in your waistline. You can achieve that by ensuring you burn more calories than your body takes in. But what if the way you eat is causing you to put on weight?

What causes a bulge?

The belly fat is relatively harmless if in small amounts. But as the bulge grows bigger, the risks of developing illnesses also increase. Plus, a bulge ruins an elegant attire complemented by a slim minimalist wallet like the Trayvax Contour Wallet.  Here are a few causes of belly fat that are most common in many men and women. 

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Old age

As you grow older, your body composition also changes, causing more fat to accumulate below the belly. In women, reduced estrogen hormone levels during menopause cause more fat to accumulate.

Alcohol consumption

More alcohol in the body results in increased calories since beer has about 150 calories on average. Also, alcohol inhibits the process of burning fats as the liver switches to burning down alcohol on priority.


Also known as distension, bloating can cause more belly fat to accumulate. It’s usually caused by several factors, including indigestion, quick eating, trapped gas, constipation, and celiac disease.

Postpartum recovery

Several weeks after delivery, mothers can also experience belly bulge as they recover. The uterus can take up to 8 weeks to assume its usual size.

Three Ways To Get Rid of Bulge

The number one cause of a bulge is diet. The food that you eat every day, regardless of the amount, can cause your body to collect the excess fat and store it below the belly. So, the main way of eliminating a belly bulge should prioritize diet and exercise.

The First Way To A Smaller Waistline Is To Eat Less

The best way to start losing bulge is to eat less and exercise more. If you eat less, you’ll lose weight. If you exercise more, you’ll lose weight. If you do both, you’ll lose more weight. It’s as simple as that. The new year is the perfect time to overhaul your eating habits to shed more pounds and body fat.

One of the best ways to slip into a calorie deficit is by using the “dry January” method. This means going out to eat on the less common days of the year instead of on the more common and social ones. Savory and comforting foods are a great way to derail holiday weight gain. Ketchup, stuffing, pie, and more are the secret weapon here. Dry January is all about taking control of the foods you tend to over-indulge on and improving your health and fitness balance.

Meat is one of the big culprits for holiday weight gain. A 2018 study published in Obesity found dieters, especially men, were at a higher risk of developing a bulge. Those who ate more red and processed meats were 34% more likely to have a body mass index (BMI) over 28 than those who ate more lean animal types.

Red meat itself can have a negative long-term impact on blood lipid levels, increasing the risk of heart disease. If you’re someone who regularly over-consumes red meat, try swapping some of it for chicken or tofu. You can always add in more vegetables, too. And if you make it a habit, you’ll maintain the body that’ll make Trayvax Titanium Cinch Belt look awesome on you with a pair of jeans.

The second remedy to bulge is exercise

Exercise is huge for weight loss. Without it, you’re not going to get very far. But, there are two ways to exercise, cardio and resistance training. Cardiovascular exercise, also known as cardio, is an exercise that improves lung function and cardiovascular health.

Resistance training, also called resistance exercise, helps increase muscle strength; allowing you to build lean muscle tissue and eliminate fats. Use cardio exercises like rowing, running, and cycling to gauge your heart rate during exercise. These may be higher for people with Type 2 diabetes.

With resistance training, lifting weights is recommended as it involves both bodyweight exercises and some equipment to make strength training more challenging. also, substituting high sugar drinks and foods with less sugary fruits is a nice way to cut down on carbs. Always bring with you the Trayvax Trek Field Knife to cut an apple as you take a walk.

Avoid oversleeping

Getting enough hours of sleep is linked to reduced body fat. But again, oversleeping won’t make you lose more fat. Research indicates that those with chaotic sleeping patterns may develop body organ stress, leading to increased production of cortisol hormone, responsible for storing fats.

Create a stable sleeping pattern by going to and leaving bed at the same time every day to reduce body fat.

Refrain from Vitamin supplements, diet pills, and weight loss tea

Getting rid of the bulge has no shortcuts. Even though the so-called weight loss supplements, vitamins, and weight-loss teas can be effective, their results are not long-lasting. They also don’t target weight loss from a specific body part.  The only ultimate solution to the bulge is exercise and a proper diet.


Apart from posing serious health risks, a bulge also impacts your aesthetic appeal. You might have realized that your perfect pair of jeans and T-shirt, or mini-skirt no longer fits you well. And if you’re to spice up your looks with a tactical webbing belt, a lean body is a necessity.

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