Can't Find Your Lost Wallet? Check Out The Upcoming Anti-Lost Wallet

Can't Find Your Lost Wallet? Check Out The Upcoming Anti-Lost Wallet

For many, the idea of losing your wallet sparks dread. There’s no worse feeling than realizing you’ve left something so valuable behind. Something that holds all of the important pieces to your identity and access to your bank accounts — unprotected for anyone to find.

While an metal RFID wallet can help keep card information thieves away, it can’t help when someone pickpockets you. that’s why an anti-lost wallet comes in handy to safeguard you against identity thieves, pickpockets, and misplacement.

But what makes an anti-lost wallet so special that it can be found even if misplaced or stolen? Here, we’ll discuss this new sophistication in men’s accessories and give some of the best options available in the market.

What’s An Anti-Lost Wallet?

Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives, and it’s not surprising to learn that men’s wallets nowadays are also technologically advanced. In that respect, an anti-lost wallet is a wallet with a global GPS tracking feature integrated into it to enable the owner to track it anywhere.

These wallets work in a similar manner a car tracker operates. The electronic GPS feature is powered by a rechargeable battery to allow seamless tracking even when it’s out of reach. This is also made possible by a mobile app that the owner installs on their phones to track the wallet in real-time.

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The advanced anti-lost wallets like Walleon are equipped with wireless chargers and Bluetooth to allow you to track the wallet up to 400m.

Four Best Anti-Lost Wallets For The Modern Man

Below are some of the slim minimalist wallet for men with smart anti-lost features.

Walleon Savage

If you’re looking for the RFID minimalist wallet that protects you from both misplacement and identity theft, Walleon is your go-to wallet. It’s the wallet of the future. It\'s not just an ordinary wallet that has a GPS tracker but is made of quality materials that protect your belongings at all times.

Walleon can keep you to your valuables through its phone tethering feature. With Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, you can control it using your phone. You can also use it as your everyday cardholder because it also has card slots to keep your credit cards and IDs safe and handy.

With the wireless charging mechanism, the wireless charger can keep its battery full to allow tracking in real-time. Plus, it’s powerful enough to act as a power bank for charging phones. That's all, it has several settings, including a high-risk which makes your phone and the wallet ring when pickpocketed in high traffic areas.


Ekster is yet another GPS tracker enabled smart wallet made out of environmentally friendly materials to give you elegance, durability, and safety. The tracking mechanism is made possible by the Ekster Tracker Card which fits perfectly in the wallet’s pocket.  The optional tracker allows you to see its location from your map when misplaced. You can also ring it using your phone to find it with ease.

Ekster also has RFID protection integrated to safeguard your cards from electronic pickpockets. The wallet can carry up to 10 cards while its in-built aluminum cardholder can carry 4-6 cards. It’s crafted with top-grain leather together with 6063T5 aluminum. Its minimalist profile makes it an excellent front pocket wallet to carry to business meetings or when traveling.

Wallor Smart Wallet

If looking for a simple bifold wallet with simplicity and tracking features, Wallor smart wallet won’t disappoint. It has a classy elegant design that makes it an ideal choice for a businessman with class. With the GPS tracking mechanism, you can tell where it is in a glimpse of a second. This safeguards it against pickpockets in congested zones.

You’ll find its quick charging feature very handy, able to attain 40% within 30 minutes. Plus, it also has a removable wireless charger that allows you to conceal its smart features from pickpockets. In addition, the RFID protection keeps electronic thieves at bay by blocking high frequencies of RFID signals.

Trayvax Element Wallet

Trayvax Element Wallet isn’t exactly a smart wallet like the already discussed types. But the fact that it has a high RFID frequency blocking feature makes it an anti-lost wallet worth considering. Since it comes with several built-in pockets, you can opt for a wallet tracker card similar to the Ekster Tracker Card to make it trackable.

element wallet men slim

You’ll love the elegant rustic finish of the genuine top-grained leather used to make the wallet. It gives a unique appealing elegance that commands attention as you withdraw your card to pay a bill. The wallet is sizeable enough to hold 3-10 cards and up to five folded bills. The fact that it’s also TSA-approved makes it safer for traveling with.


An RFID blocking wallet is great for keeping identity thieves away. But if you need to tackle both electronic information skimmers and pickpockets, an anti-lost wallet is the best. these smart wallets can be way expensive though. You can get sleek RFID protection-enabled wallet like Trayvax Ascent wallet and buy the wallet tracker card separately to make it easier to track when lost. 

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