by Kevin Kohn April 07, 2017 1 min read

At long last the Armor Plate has returned. After a long leave of absence and numerous customer requests, the Armor Plate is now back up on the website. Those who want to bulk up their Summits, add a bottle opener to the Axis, or increase RFID protection in your wallet, you can once again order the Armor Plate!

The Armor Plate was made specifically for the Summit. Fitting perfectly in our minimalist wallet to add some much needed bulk. No more checking your pocket to make sure your lightweight wallet hasn’t been misplaced. Armor up and feel secure. The Armored Summit Bundle is back and in high demand!

The Armor Plate won’t stop there! It can be integrated into any wallet for the ultimate everyday carry. Throw one into the Axis to make sure you never leave home without your trusty bottle opener. Place one in the Contour or Original to increase RFID resistance. Armor up to safeguard your wallet!

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