Are Trayvax' Women's Wallets?

Are Trayvax' Women's Wallets?

girl pulling out walletIt shouldn’t be a surprise that the strong majority of Trayvax’ patrons are men. Our gear is all sharp angles and rugged materials, focusing first on utility and second on looks. Heck, most people get a little bit confused at the prospect of  anybody walking around with a hunk of metal for a wallet.

At first glance, it certainly seems like a lot of women would have little interest in our brand. Despite the expectation, there are plenty of ladies out there rocking Trayvax gear and we’ve gotten some awesome feedback on why they switched. 

Carrying all of your stuff around all the time can be a real pain. Trayvax Wallets are about carrying just what you need and making it as easy to access as possible. Quite a few women have found a suitable solution in keeping a Trayvax wallet around as a credit (and other important) card holder. Most ladies either replace a typical wallet or use Trayvax for situations where their regular carry would just get in the way.

There’s finally a wallet that fits (most of the time, we hope) in those pesky little pockets that are ever so common in women’s attire. The Trayvax Summit, our quintessential minimalist wallet, is so compact that your phone will feel like a brick in comparison. The other Trayvax wallets are slightly bigger but they definitely still fit the definition of slim wallet.

Pizzazz! Trayvax wallets are designed for function followed very closely by form. We constantly get feedback from customers who love to brag about how often they receive compliments or questions about their wallets. In addition to being an excellent way to organize your cards, these wallets stand out. Each of our wallets is available in at least one high-quality coating or finish and a pallet of colors, which means you’ve got options.

While shopping locally is rarely the singular reason someone buys something, there has been a large resurgence in keeping money in local economies. As a company we take serious pride in the fact that we design, source and make everything right here in the United States. This is the only way to ensure our self-prescribed standards of quality and stand behind our quality with our lifetime warranty.

Conclusion: Judge for yourself.

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Melinda Helms

Melinda Helms

Just checking out your blog section for the first time and found this posting. Yes, they definitely appeal to women! Your wallets are pocket forms of art. I look at traditional women’s wallets now and think, wow, I’m glad I made the switch. I’m a Trayvax groupie for life.

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