Check out this awesome letter we got from R. Spencer Pond about his Trayvax Wallet. Send us a write-up about your Trayvax experience and we'll put it up on our blog for everyone to see!

"I am an avid hiker/camper/adventurer, and have been nothing but pleased with my Trayvax wallet. The front window makes it easy to find the card you are looking for, and the back pocket allows for easy carrying of cash. The slim design makes it comfortable for me as a front-pocket-wallet-person, to the point I often have to do the pocket-tap check to make sure I haven't forgotten it somewhere. 

The design also makes it ideal for backpacking, as you can clip it onto your bag with no worries of it becoming untied and getting lost on the trail. The paracord that serves the expansion/compaction purpose is also a nice thing to have should you find yourself in a survival situation.

I've heard concerns from a few people that the bottle opener would tear apart your pockets, but the hook is angled so that it doesn't catch anything unless you intend it to. Not to mention it is no sharper than a set of house keys. 

I was worried when I first got it that they wouldn't allow it onto airplanes. I've now flown 12 times with it with little to no troubles. Twice security has checked the bin just to see what it was; more out of idle curiosity than any intention to take it away.

After about six months of hard use and abuse, this wallet has held up very well. There isn't a single chip in the anodized coating. I am again very pleased, and have convinced many family members and friends to order their own!"

-R. Spencer Pond / Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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