Trayvax Leather

We pride ourselves in making quality products that stand out from the crowd and there's no reason our leather should be any different. Our wallets utilize exquisite leather from Horween and Wickett & Craig, which offers an unparalleled blend of quality and consistency. Every Trayvax leather wallet is handcrafted using unique leather that’s true allure comes from showcasing individual stories. When the time comes to pass down our gear to the next generation, our strenuous adventures are shown through these individual stories.



The truly special feature of Trayvax leather products is the care, skill, and devotion that goes into every single piece of gear. When the leather hide first arrives we carefully inspect each inch where only deemed quality material, rich in character, is used. During the examination our leather sensei carefully imprints cutouts onto the leather to maximize quality and output of each hide. After cutting and treating each leather section, the production team combines it with our metal to handcraft your gear. The quality time spent on every piece ensures perfection.



We use Horween leather to build the Trayvax Contour, Element, and Ascent. Horween leather undertakes nearly 100 separate processes over a month span utilizing their entire facility to provide quality leather. “Each hide is in itself unique in that it came from animal as a byproduct of the meat industry is just a single example in a long list.” The true beauty of this leather comes after years of use creating a patina finish.

Wickett & Craig:

Wickett & Craig has been perfecting their craft of vegetable tan leather for over 150 years. Each hide is transformed over 6 weeks to perfect the character of their leather. “Character, you notice it immediately in our leathers. It’s in their natural grain and saturated colors, supple hand and durable life. Most of all, you notice it as the years pass and in the rich patina that comes through.” Trayvax utilizes Wickett and Craig leather for the Trayvax Epiphany, Renegade, and Summit Notebook.



We recommend using Neatsfoot Oil to condition your Trayvax wallet. When you place any leather conditioner on your Trayvax leather, it may darken the leather.

If you order a Trayvax Element, it will come with instructions to soak the wallet to speed up the molding process. Soaking the wallet in warm water may lighten the color of the leather. The leather will darken over time with use.