How to cut your new Cinch Belt down to your custom fit

All Cinch Belts come in one size being an extra large at 54 inches long. Once the Cinch Belt arrives to you, it can be cut down to fit your custom size.
A video on how to cut your webbing to get your perfect custom fit and can be found here. This goes over how to cut and melt the webbing down to your size, and also how to weave the webbing back into your belt buckle. 
Custom Sizing Your Belt
Supplies Needed: Scissors, Lighter, Glass/Ceramic Plate
  1. Wrap webbing around your waist to determine desired length. Leaving roughly 6 inches extra off the end.
  2. Cut any excess off the end of the belt with the straight edge (not the angled end). Use very sharp scissors and cut the webbing as straight as possible.
  3. Run the flame of a lighter back and forth across the cut edge of the webbing for about a minute and then immediately press the melted edge flat against a flat plate and hold for 5 seconds.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until the melted end is thick enough to not pass through the middle slot of the buckle. 
    NOTE - Belts that have been resized are final sale.
1. Put the angled edge of the webbing through the middle slot of the buckle from the back. Pull webbing all the way through until the burnt edge is against the buckle.
2. Weave the angled end through the larger slot. Pull all the way through.
3. Wrap belt around your waist and put the end through the remaining slot and weave back into the larger slot. Pull to tighten.
Please note that once the belt webbing has been modified, the belt is no longer able to be returned.
If you have any further questions for us, feel free to reach out to us at!