Our leather clutches for women are made right here in the USA with you in mind. They’re made from the highest-quality leather, and meet all your everyday needs. They come in two different sizes, depending upon what you need.


For a big clutch to hold all your everyday items, try the Roam Clutch. It’s made from sturdy American leather, in either brown or black and lined with soft, fluffy wool. This clutch has a pocket for your cell phone, and four attachment points. You can make it into a purse, a large wallet, or even a fanny pack. Wear it with a wrist strap for extra security and easy access. Its mini pouches can keep your necessities safe. They’re big enough for a tube of Chapstick, a few bobby pins, or a spare house key. The card slots can hold up to 12 cards for you, and the internal pouch can hold bills, additional cards, some coins, a few pads, or even a small notebook. Whatever you need, your Roam Clutch can carry it for you.


A full-sized Roam Clutch makes for a perfect personal bag on an airplane. It’ll hold all of your boarding passes, your ID, some Dramamine, a small pair of earbuds, your cell phone and even your passport. It’s TSA approved, so it’ll be able to get on the plane with no trouble, and it’s small enough to keep in your lap when the overhead bin is full to bursting. It’s even tough enough to go through the X-Ray machine and withstand some scuffing from accidental collisions with luggage carts. When you’re in it for the long haul, your Roam Clutch is in it with you.


If you need something a little smaller, give the Roam Mini a try. It’s perfect as either a clutch or a purse wallet, and has enough space, even for its small size, to contain a cell phone. With its wool interior, it won’t scratch your phone screen. It also comes in either a sleek black or a rich brown. Like the larger Roam Clutch, this one has small pouches for bobby pins and Chapstick. It holds up to 12 cards, and the internal pouch can hold as many bills as you need it to. It can even be used to discreetly carry some medicines or pads. If you need small but spacious, give this stylish mini clutch a try.

The Roam Mini is the best bag to use for date night, with its stylish appearance and compact size. Any current or potential significant other would be impressed to see this lovely clutch on your shoulder or around your wrist, and even more so to catch a glimpse of the luxurious and soft wool interior. It’s great for Girls’ Night Out, as well, and your friends will crowd around you to get a closer look at it, all begging to know where you got it. Tell them, so they can get them too, or keep it secret and get them their own Roam Clutches as gifts.


Do you need new ways to attach the Roam to your body? We have both a shoulder strap and a wristlet. The straps are cheap enough that you can buy both. If you do so, you can switch them around depending on your mood. They’re both made of the same durable leather and strong metal as any of our other products.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, perfect for making a Roam clutch into either a shoulder purse or a crossbody. It comes in either black or brown, to match all of your luxurious clutches. Its stainless-steel clasps won’t give out, no matter how much you carry your bag. You can remove and adjust it for the perfect fit. This shoulder strap will make your Roam Clutch or Roam Mini Clutch, even better.

The leather wristlet is the best choice if you need to use your hands. It’s made of the same beautiful Horween leather as the clutches, and comes in the same black and brown. It matches any Roam clutch you have. Its stainless-steel clasp is easy to undo, but holds fast until you unclip it. You won’t lose your valuables with this on your wrist.


If you want to use one as a purse, one of our slim wallets would go really well inside a full-sized Roam Clutch, to add even more card space. On the other hand, the Roam mini is perfect to use as a wallet inside a bigger purse. How you carry these clutches is entirely up to you. Use one of our many accessories to customize your experience.


Why don’t we sell more clutches? We don’t believe that we need to. The clutches we have, and the straps we have for them, are the best for almost any need. They make great gifts, perfect travel purses, and the best wallet holders. Both sizes work for different things.


All of our handmade leather products are backed by our 65-year Heirloom warranty. What does this mean? To put it simply, it means that for your lifetime, and part of the next generation’s, you can return it to us due to manufacturing flaws. You’ll be given your money back, even if it’s your son or granddaughter returning it. That’s how much we believe in our products.

Our leather products are all sourced, made, and shipped from the USA. Buying from Trayvax creates jobs here in America, which helps the economy. And since the leather isn’t being shipped from a foreign country, air emissions are lessened as well. Keep things local, buy your leather products from Trayvax.

For the woman on the go, a leather clutch is a must-have. Either big or small, the elegant leather clutch is perfect for everyday life, or even long-haul travel. Let Trayvax help. When you’re on your way to work, or out on the town, or anywhere at all, these bags are the perfect blend of function and fashion.