Best Metal Wallets to Buy in 2023

Best Metal Wallets to Buy in 2023

Looking for a wallet that’s tough to break but won’t add to the bulk in your pocket? It’s time to trade your wallet for one that’s superior to it: a metal wallet.


Metal wallets aren’t as widely used, however, they’ve been gaining momentum due to their countless advantages. Unlike other kinds of wallets that wear out, a metal wallet will always look brand new. It’s designed to last generations – a metal wallet will virtually never wear out!


In this article, we’ll share why metal wallets are some of the best wallets you can buy this year. We will also share a few tips on how first-time metal wallet owners can care for their wallets, and list down the best wallets you can buy in 2023.

Meet the Metal Wallet

If you’re looking to get rid of the bulk for good, a metal wallet is the way to go. Designed to be sleeker than other kinds of wallets, it is a bulk-free companion that complements your everyday carry (EDC) and protects your essentials. Its profile often features stainless-steel plates that are encased in elastic straps, making it a one-of-a-kind wallet that’s stronger and more lightweight than others.

 metal wallet axis

Since the wallet is encased in materials like aluminum, steel, and titanium, it provides more safe-keeping than an average wallet. These materials block the electronic signals that criminals use to wirelessly steal the information written on your credit cards.

Pros of Metal Wallets for Men

#1 Durable

If you’re interested in a wallet that will outlive you (and your sons and grandsons, too), invest in a metal wallet. Metal wallets are made from incredibly durable materials such as aluminum, titanium, steel, and – wait for it – carbon fiber, which is also what aircraft parts are made of.


Compared to a “regular” wallet, it won’t go through wear and tear. Metal wallets are water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and shock-resistant making them truly one-of-a-kind. It’s unlikely that your metal wallet will break. You can sit on it, throw it down the stairs, or run your vehicle over it. It’s the strongest wallet out there.

#2 Compact

Another advantage of investing in a metal wallet is that it’s so compact. A metal money clip wallet is meant to fit anywhere – even if your front pocket is packed with other items like your car keys. Since a metal wallet does not ‘bulk up’, it can comfortably fit in your pocket.


Metal wallets were made for men that don’t want to lug around a huge bag. You can slip it in your shirt pocket, or clip it to a keychain so you can be bag-free.

#3 Basic

When it comes to fashion, you wouldn’t want to be called basic. However, when it comes to wallets, being basic is the way to go.


If you think that a bulky wallet makes you look wealthy, think again. Your wallet should contain only the essentials, such as your cards and cash, and everything else should go in the trash. Since a metal money clip wallet is slim, it forces you to practice a minimalist life. You have no choice but to narrow down what you carry in your wallet.

 contour metal wallet

Don’t take this as a deal-breaker, though! Bulky wallets can cause back pain, so try to practice minimalism at all times. Besides, who wants to sit on a bulky back pocket?

#4 Easy to Clean

A metal wallet features an extremely easy-to-clean surface, so you don’t have to go the extra mile to clean it. Unlike a leather wallet that needs to be soaked in baking soda, a metal wallet will look brand new by wiping it with water. That’s why the outdoorsy types prefer metal wallets – they’re far easier to clean than other materials.


Additionally, since a metal wallet is resistant to almost everything, you don’t need to panic when you spill something on it. It won’t get stained, cracked, or warped, and it will always look brand new.

#5 Rigid

Are you the type of person that doesn’t want scratches on their card? If your answer is yes, then that’s all the more reason to use a metal wallet.


Remember that a metal wallet is made from durable materials such as carbon fiber and titanium. These materials are incredibly rigid, meaning it’s unlikely that the wallet’s contents will bend or break. While it won’t protect your cash from creases, it’s safer for your credit cards since they’re not at risk of breaking.

#6 Discreet

The risk of keeping your wallet in your front pocket is that it’s visible. If you own a bulky bi-fold wallet for men, you will attract ever-attentive pickpockets. Even if you hide your wallet in your shirt pocket, its outline will still be visible. Since 400,000 pickpocketing incidents happen around the world each year, you’ll need to find a way to keep your wallet safe.


Enter the metal wallet. The surface of a metal wallet is flat, whether or not it’s filled with cards and cash. It will always be discreet, so you can be assured that it won’t show. That’s what makes a metal wallet the ideal kind of wallet to take on trips to places that are crawling with pickpockets.

Cons of Metal Wallets for Men

As with any type of wallet, a metal wallet comes with cons, too. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the disadvantages of investing in a metal wallet for men:

#1 TSA Detection

Since it’s made of metal, don’t be surprised if it sets off the alarms at the airport. With that said, be prepared to be stopped by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – it’s not every day that they encounter someone with an innovative wallet. Don’t worry – they’ll set aside their suspicions when they see that it’s only a metal wallet.


#2 Sharp Edges

While a metal wallet won’t be able to cut your pants, it can be uncomfortable to wear. Metal wallets have sharp edges that can poke your skin even while they’re in your pocket. However, this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker since you can always wear thick trousers, anyway.

#3 Expensive

Metal wallets are not cheap. They’re cheaper than designer wallets, but that does not mean they’re low-priced. The price is right, though, considering you’re getting a long-lasting wallet that you won’t need to replace in your whole life. With that said, it is an investment that truly provides value.

#4 Heat Conductor

Be careful not to leave your wallet in your car because it can conduct heat. While it won’t damage your wallet, it can get hot to the touch, and it can scald you, so keep it in your pocket at all times. Besides, you shouldn’t risk leaving your wallet in your car, since break-ins have spiked over the coronavirus pandemic.

Who Should Buy a Metal Wallet

Those are a few of the pros and cons that come with owning a metal wallet. Whether or not you should switch to a metal wallet comes down to what you want in your wallet. Ultimately, the wallet that you choose should be practical and suit your style.

 contour metal wallet

If you’re wondering if a metal wallet is for you, here’s who this type of wallet is for:


  • If your style is your priority. If looking sleek is at the top of your to-do list, a metal wallet is your best bet. As we earlier mentioned, a metal wallet doesn’t get bulky, meaning it won’t create creases in your pocket.
  • If you’re a minimalist. With limited room, you’ll need to narrow it down to the essentials.
  • If you’re outdoorsy. There’s no guarantee that your wallet won’t get dirty in the great outdoors. With a metal wallet, you can adventure on without having to worry about your wallet all the time.

How to Clean and Care for Your Metal Wallet

Are you treating your metal wallet well? You can’t lose your wallet at all costs – after all, it’s what keeps your cards, cash, and everything you’ve worked hard for. With that said, it’s important to know how to take care of your metal wallet. We’ve outlined a few ways to keep your metal wallet looking brand new below:

#1 Carry Only the Essentials

A metal wallet is made from durable materials like carbon fiber, but like other materials, it has its breaking point. Keeping too many things in your wallet will cause it to crack under pressure. While it’ll take a lot of items to break it, it’s not a risk worth taking. To make sure your wallet doesn’t get damaged, keep only the essentials such as your credit cards, debit cards, insurance cards, and cash.

#2 Don’t Sit on Your Metal Wallet

You wouldn’t sit on your iPhone, so why would you sit on a wallet that’s made of the same materials as your smartphone? Sitting on your wallet can cause it to warp, and you likely won’t be able to bend it back into shape. What’s more, sitting on a wallet can cause hip pain, so it’s best to keep it in your front pocket.

#3 Use a Metal Cleaning Solution

Chances are that your wallet is made from either aluminum or titanium. Choose the appropriate metal cleaning solution, and then add a few drops of it to the surface of the wallet. With a cloth, gently rub the cleaning agent onto the wallet until all the stains and spots are gone.

#4 Use a Metal Polishing Paste

Make your wallet look sleek and shiny with a metal polishing paste. With a cloth, apply the product onto the wallet until it is completely covered. Be sure to wear gloves when working with this paste because it can stain your skin.

#5 Use Automotive Wax

As an optional last step, apply automotive wax to avoid oxidation. Oxidation can be extremely problematic as it can cause your wallet to expand. To prevent oxidation, smudge a generous amount of wax onto the wallet using a towel.

original 2.0 metal wallet

Practical Tips for First-Time Metal Wallet Owners

Switching to a metal wallet can be challenging. You have significantly less space, so you’ll have to trim down what you keep in your wallet. Plus, since your wallet doesn’t look like a typical wallet, you risk misplacing your metal wallet at home. With that said, you’ll need to adapt when you switch to a metal wallet for the first time. Here are some helpful tips for first-time metal wallet owners:

#1 Put Your Wallet in the Same Place

Metal wallets don’t look like typical wallets, which is why you shouldn’t leave your wallet anywhere as you’ll have a hard time locating it. If you keep your wallet in your pocket, take it out when you get home, and put it inside a catch-all or on your bedside table. This makes it easy to track down your wallet.

#2 Cut Down Your Everyday Carry

You risk losing your wallet if you take a lot of things with you. If you’re struggling to carry your things to the car, that’s probably because you’re bringing way too much. The solution? Cut down on your everyday carry (EDC) to prevent losing what’s essential (i.e. your wallet), and stick to what you know you need daily.

#3 Attach Your Wallet to a Clip-On Keychain

One of the risks of using a metal wallet is that it’s so smooth – too smooth that it can easily fall out of your pocket. If you’re in the market for a metal wallet, consider attaching it to your belt with a clip-on keychain. In case your metal wallet does fall out, it’ll still stay by your side.

Best Metal Wallets to Buy in 2023

Metal wallets are superior to other wallets. Aside from keeping your cash and cards safe, metal wallets come with a certain elegance that you wouldn’t find in regular wallets. If you're ready to switch to a wallet that's strong and stylish, here are the best metal wallets to buy in 2023:

#1 Trayvax Element Wallet

This metal wallet is perfect for people that prefer a combination of metal and leather. It features top-grain oil-tanned leather with a stainless-steel frame to provide an elegant twist of style.

 element metal wallet

The Trayvax Element Wallet offers a slim profile to keep your pocket from sticking out. However, don’t underestimate this compact wallet – it can hold up to 10 cards and 5 folded bills. It is also resistant to radio-frequency identification (RFID) to keep your credit cards safe from skimming.


With its stripped-back but refined look, this metal wallet goes with anything, whether casual or classy. Bring it on a weekend hike on the weekend, or to a meeting on a weekday – it can be whatever you want it to be.

#2 Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet

Do you like to keep your wallet in your front pocket? The Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet will fit your needs perfectly.


The rugged wallet features a tactical design using airplane-grade aluminum. An ID access window allows you to access its contents easily, while the stainless-steel backplate makes it sturdier than any wallet you’ve ever seen.


If safety is a concern, the wallet offers RFID protection to protect your credit card details. Additionally, a security clasp, attachment point, and clips add to its safety features, allowing you to confidently walk the streets.

#3 Trayvax Kryptek Armored Summit Wallet

Looking for a wallet that’s as badass as a battle tank? The heavy-duty Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet is an RFID tactical wallet that’s unlike any other.  


It features a heat-resistant, stainless-steel plate with useful features, such as a preview window and an attachment point that allows you to attach it to your belt, keeping pickpockets at bay.


The Armored Summit Wallet is a great choice for any guy who’s into military aesthetics, with its melonite finish, mil-spec webbing, and more. The aesthetics of this metal wallet will also give you a sense of pride every time you swipe your card at the store.

#4 Trayvax Contour Wallet

The Contour Wallet comes with an integrated bottle opener so you can always glug down your beer, because who knows when you’ll need it?

 contour metal wallet

The wallet shows off a range of high-quality metal frames, including brass, stainless steel, and titanium. Its profile features top-grain, oil-tanned leather straps with a slim profile that can carry up to 10 folded bills and 13 cards. The sliding clasps and wrench allow you to tweak its structure to make room for its contents.


Subtle yet stylish, this wallet can turn heads while you whip out your card to pay for your groceries.

#5 Trayvax Axis Wallet

The Trayvax Axis Wallet is a bi-fold wallet that’s made of stainless-steel frames with straps on each side, resulting in a rugged aesthetic.


Like other Trayvax wallets, the Axis Wallet offers sufficient room for 14 cards and 8 folded bills. If you like to keep coins in your wallet, this metal wallet makes it possible thanks to its concealed coin pocket.


With the Axis, Trayvax introduced new security features including RFID protection to protect your credit card information. The attachment point allows you to clip the wallet to a keychain, keeping it safe from pickpockets.

Final Thoughts

Whether your style is casual or classy, we’re confident that there’s a metal wallet for you out there. Some people are looking for a wallet that feels like a sheet of metal, while others prefer a touch of leather to add refinement to their outfit.


Whatever wallet you choose, metal wallets are resistant to dirt, dust, and rust, among others, making them ideal for a wide range of activities where a bulky wallet won’t do.

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