What is the best way to keep your passport safe while traveling?

What is the best way to keep your passport safe while traveling?

When traveling, you want to make sure that your passport stays safe and protected. If you happen to misplace it or have it stolen, you could put yourself in a stressful fix and ruin your trip.

Make Multiple Copies of Your Passport

The first thing that you want to do before leaving for your trip is to make multiple copies of the ID page of your passport. The ID page is where you have your personal details and identification.

After you have made multiple copies, carry a couple with you (preferably in a large wallet with zipper). From the others, give one to someone at home (in case of emergencies) and give one to your traveling companion.

This step does not directly help in keeping the original safe. This step is to ensure that in case anyone happens to lose or misplace their passports, they can use the copy to prove their identity and get help from the embassy. Taking this measure is very important.

Keep it under lock and key

This applies to when you have arrived at your destination. Once you are in your hotel room, always lock your important documents in the safe provided. If there is no provided safe in the room, ask for one from the front desk. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your papers out in the open just because the staff looks nice and friendly. Make it a rule not to trust anyone other than whom you are traveling with.

If you fail to get your hands on a lockbox, make use of your own travel-sized locks for securing the documents.

Use a money belt

When you are on the move, don’t put your documents inside your suitcase. This can be really inconvenient since you won’t be able to extract them quickly. Similarly, should something happen to your suitcase, your documents will also suffer.

Use a passport cover

Alternatively, you can also use a cover for your passports. There are two main benefits to using such covers. One benefit is that you will be able to keep everything hidden and secret. If you handle your documents without a proper cover or holder, everyone will be able to see what you are doing. This is where you could be singled out by a thief or pickpocket. The second benefit is protection from physical damage.

Leave it at your place of stay

This is also a tip worth remembering. Once you have landed at your destination and checked in with your hotel, then stop carrying around your important documents with you. Leave them all in the hotel room, albeit under lock and key. You can carry your other important IDs in your bi-fold wallet for men.

Keep checking in

You should not become forgetful of your passports once you have stored them away somewhere. You should make the habit of constantly checking to see if they are in one place or not. While it would be disastrous to lose a passport, it would be worse not to get to know about it until it’s too late. If you come to know about it promptly, you can take proper action on time.


These are some of the steps and measures that you can take to protect your passports. You should always entertain the possibility of theft and stay constantly vigilant. It won't be very pleasant if you got stuck in another country due to negligence and carelessness on your part. By following these steps, you can minimize the chances of that happening.

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