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What Is RFID-Blocking?

What Is RFID-Blocking?

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) signals involve small devices which can be used to identify devices, animals, or people. They’re good for dog microchips and credit cards. If you wave your wallet in front of a grocery store’s PIN pad, it can pay for your food without you even taking your card out. On the other hand, if you walk past a machine set up by a thief, they can swipe your data without swiping your stripe. Fortunately, there are wallets and other objects that can resist these signals. And we here at Trayvax sell some good ones.

Keeping Your Cards Safe

We have many different ways to keep your cards safe, and they all involve using metal to shield your cards from the signals. And the best one for it is the Summit wallet. It resists up to 95.1% of the signals, so nothing is getting your data unless you want it to. To make it even better, you can make it into a men’s notebook wallet with a few easy add-ons. Keep secrets, ideas, and data safe with this strong and protective wallet.

Protection from All Sides

With its rugged durability and metal frame, the Trayvax Element is another good wallet for resisting RFID signals. No potential thieves will be getting info from your cards with this. It’ll protect from more than that, too. The Element is a front pocket wallet that’s built to last. You could drop it onto concrete with no problem, and it can tumble into mud or a bit of water without any issue. It can even be stepped on and stay tough. With a stainless steel frame, some top-grain leather, and a strong money clip, this wallet will be there with you through it all.

element wallet

Protected and Looking Good

For a wallet that can protect your cards and still look striking, a Trayvax Contour is what you need. It can hold all the cards you need it to and form a protective cage around them to keep RFID signals away. It’ll be a good conversation starter on a first date, be strong enough to pop open a bottle, and will keep your credit cards safe from any odd machines in the bar.  It’s a wallet that blends strength, style, and protection. And it’s thin and tough, much like the Element. This wallet will be great in any environment.

Popular Protection

Another good RFID-blocking wallet is the Original 2.0. Many people use this metal wallet as their everyday option, and with its airplane-grade metal, stainless steel backplate, and G10 fiberglass finish, it’s easy to see why. This wallet comes in a number of different colors, can be easily clipped inside a pocket, and won’t break the bank. It has over 6000 reviews, the majority of them being five stars. And it’s good for protecting your cards and cash from any physical or radio-frequency harm. Side with thousands of other Trayvax fans, get yourself an Original 2.0 and pass it down to your son.

original wallet

Non-Wallet Protection

We sell two pieces of RFID protection that aren’t wallets: The Shift Wallet Comb, and the RFID Armor Plate. They’ll still do a great job of keeping your cards safe, though.

First, there’s the Shift wallet comb. It’s a great way to keep your cards safe and keep you looking nice. It has wide teeth for thicker hair and beards, and finer teeth for styling. This metal comb is the perfect size and shape to fit into your wallet. You can use it for a quick touch-up before a party, then open a beer with its integrated bottle opener. Slip it back into your wallet to keep your cards safe from data thieves.


And if you want something simpler, there’s the RFID Armor Plate. This is simply a credit card-shaped piece of metal to put into your wallet for a little extra protection. It’s simple, inexpensive, and heat resistant. And, like many of our other metal products, it has a built-in bottle opener. This is the best solution for a wallet that doesn’t have its own protection.

In Conclusion

RFID signals can be both useful and harmful. But you have ways to resist the harmful ones. From the popular Original 2.0 to the strong Element, the cool-looking Contour to the highly-resistant Summit, Trayvax has ways to protect you. And if you don’t need a wallet, that’s fine too. We have ways to protect pre-existing wallets, with our Armor Plate and Shift comb. Stay safe with Trayvax.

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