What are the uses of slim leather wallets?

What are the uses of slim leather wallets?

Are you considering buying a slim minimalist wallet? Compared to traditional billfolds and pocketbooks, these sleeker alternatives are better in a number of different ways. They are easy to carry and are not as bulky or voluminous.

In this post, we are looking at the uses of slim leather wallets and how they are a better choice to opt for instead of usual bi folds and tri folds. Hopefully, once you are done reading, you will be convinced to buy one for yourself without further delay.

Useful for storing multiple cards

The first benefit of minimalist wallets is that they can carry a large number of cards at once while retaining their sleek and thin profile. If you are currently using a bi fold, you will see that you can only store as many cards as the available slots allow. Once you run out of slots, you won’t be able to carry any more. Furthermore, if both sections (flaps) of the billfold are made to carry cards, then at full capacity, the overall size could get uncomfortably large.

However, with front pocket wallets, you get dedicated and undivided spaces instead of slots. This helps in keeping the overall thickness minimal.

A good example of this feature can be the Original 2.0, Trayvax Axis, and Trayvax Contour. All three of these products can hold more than 12 cards at one time. If you had to stuff that many in a normal bi fold, the bulk and volume would become bothersome.

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Can also carry cash/receipts

There is a difference between cardholders and slim wallets for men. Unlike the former, the latter is not just for holding cards. Usually, you will see that these kinds of wallets come with either an additional pocket for holding cash or an integrated money clip.

This means that if you ever need to carry some backup bills, you don’t have to use the card slots as a temporary, make-shift solution. You will have an actual, proper way to do it. This can be useful in keeping everything organized.

Some examples of this feature can be seen in the Original 2.0 and the Trayvax Ascent. The Original comes with an integrated money clip at the back while the Ascent has a dedicated cash pocket.

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RFID Protection

Another use of front pocket slim wallets is RFID protection. You should take care to see that the product you are about to buy comes with this perk or not, but this feature is almost always available.

There is no rocket science behind RFID protection. The material just needs to be able to prevent the exchange of signals between your card and a malicious remote scanner. This can typically be achieved with any thick material.

What exactly is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification is a mode of communication in which data can be transferred between a sender and receiver remotely i.e. without physical contact. Needless to say, this long-distance functionality can be wrongly exploited. Hackers can target your RFID-enabled card and skim your personal details from a distance.

This feature you can find in almost every product offered at Trayvax. It’s a good precaution that you should take to keep your data secure from theft.

Can be stored in smaller pockets and spaces

Another use (or benefit, more like) of a slim wallet is the fact that it can be carried around in smaller pockets. If you are using a bi fold pocketbook, or something of the like, you won\'t be able to slide it neatly in your breast pocket or inner coat pocket etc. This you can do with sleeker products.

This discreet size has two main benefits. The first one is that your clothes don’t get messed up. You won’t get an ugly bulge on one side nor will the ironing be ruined by creases. Since the size is so small, it hardly has an effect on your outfit.

The second benefit is that the wallet is harder for pickpockets and thieves to spot. If you have to travel on public transport regularly, you may be more exposed to such larcenous incidents. A bulky bi fold is easily discernable from a distance. If you are getting jostled around in a crowd, you will hardly feel it slip out or get nicked. Scary stuff…


Among others, the aforementioned are some uses and benefits of slim leather wallets. They are a suitable alternative to traditional pocketbooks and bi folds. They are especially good for customers who are looking for something sleek and thin-profiled to carry their cards and cash.

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