What are Tactical Pens and Why You Should Carry One

Tactical pen laying on yellow notepad

There is a common saying ‘The pen is mightier than the sword. Well, with tactical pens, that is true without a doubt.

Tactical pens aren't just for cute note-taking and writing journal entries. You can use our Summit Notebook front pocket wallet for that.

No, these things are serious. Let’s take the look at what they actually are and why you should have one on you at all times.

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What are Tactical Pens?

A tactical pen is essentially not just an instrument of writing. While it can be used for this purpose, it mainly serves the function of a utility tool and a self-defense weapon.

tactical pen laying on notebook

Some of these pens may have a really sharp and pointy tip, which could be used to fend off an attacker. Some of them may have things like a mini-flashlight, screw-driver, lock-picks, etc.

If you have ever looked at the Trayvax Contour, you will see that it has an integrated bottle opener at the front.

contour slim wallet laying on aged wooden barrel with engraving

They are generally made with a heavy and weighty construction that makes them good for bludgeoning and breaking objects as well. In the event of a fistfight, you can even clasp them in your wrist to give your punch some weight.

Why Should You Have One of These With You at All Times?

In the first heading, we looked at some uses in general. Now, let’s look at them in some detail:

Great tools for surviving

While we don’t like to imagine it, there can be a lot of situations where you could find yourself in some unknown wilderness with just your pocket items with you. You could get lost in some remote highway or something. Let’s not be too imaginative.

In such circumstances, you won’t exactly be able to get a lot of use out of things like some keychain accessories or a slim minimalist wallet.

No, here, you will want to have something with you that can help you survive and get back to civilization. And that is where tactical pens could be useful. They could help you in breaking and cutting stuff, as well as giving you light in the dark; which could also help you in signaling.

Dealing with muggers

If you are out in some dark and shady area of the city sometime during the night, you need to have some sort of weapon or object with you to deal with muggers and hooligans.

Normally, for this purpose, some people may keep a pocket knife. Others, who have the permits, may even carry around a heavy duty web belt fitted with a gun or two.

But, if those options are a little too much for you, having a heavy and sharp pen may be a good substitute.

Everyday needs

Having this type of pen in your pocket at all times can be useful in general. Oftentimes during our day, we find the need of hitting something really hard or to break something, etc. Sometimes, we may also need something heavy to fit underneath a certain surface. You get the idea.

For these sorts of everyday endeavors, a tactical pen can be quite useful.

The Trayvax Bullet Space Pen

If you are looking for something hardy, sturdy and durable, albeit without any added self-defense and survivalist features, the Trayvax Bullet Space Pen can be a great choice for you.

tactical pen in persons hands looking at it

Although it may not look like it, this minimalist product has some serious toughness to it.  It can work in rough and extreme conditions; whether you want to take it to an altitude of 12,500 feet or whether you want to take it down underwater. This thing works everywhere, even in Zero-G.

While with normal ballpoints, you can expect the ink to freeze up or the nib to stop working in colder areas, it isn’t so with the Trayvax Bullet Space. It has a working temperature range of -35 to 120° Celsius. (That basically means that if you ever have to, for whatever reason, reach down in some boiling water and write something out, you could do it.)

And the best part is that with all that awesomeness, there is no compromise on appearances and aesthetics. The coated brass frame, the elegant black finish inscribed with the Trayvax logo, and the “Earn your story” tagline all add up to an overall excellent look.


Another reason why tactical pens can be a good self-defense weapon to carry is that when you are not using them, they look like innocent pieces of stationary. You won't have to worry about them keeping them out of sight since you can, as they say, hide it in plain sight.

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