Trayvax Trailblazers Ski to Sea Training

Trayvax Trailblazers Ski to Sea Training

Racing in Ski to Sea has become a tradition here at Trayvax. This will be our third year participating and we have a blast every time. There are 7 different legs with 8 different participants in the largest multi-sport race in the world. Getting everyone pumped and prepared is always exciting.

Ski to Sea: Trayvax Trailblazers

Hundreds of racers start off strong with 4 miles of cross country skiing and our boy Trevor will be swerving through the mix. Trevor, one of our Production Crew, is excited to join for his first Ski to Sea race. He is an avid snowboarder but is willing to switch it up for some cross country skiing just to kick things off for the team. Hoping he be able to avoid all the early crashes out of the gate.

Next up is the snowboarding leg where participants start by hiking up the mountain before bombing down. Tristan, our Production Lead, will be racing this leg for the second time. He knows exactly what it takes and was snowboarding all season long in preparation. Going to see if he can pull off any tricks on his ride down.

Ski to Sea: Trayvax Trailblazers: Tristan

8 miles of grueling downhill running will be lead by our new ringer Emmalie. She recently joined the Trayvax Customer Service team and is excited to help us with Ski to Sea too. She is a member of the Bellingham Bay Running group and is ready to hit the trail. We wish the best for her knees during the downhill torture. 

The longest stretch is for the road bikers at 41 miles from the mountain back to civilization. Thomas, our Marketing Assistant, has begun riding his bike to work to train for the upcoming event. He has been hitting the gym before work and is getting pumped for his first appearance for the Trayvax Trailblazers. Wonder how that ever shifting Washington weather will be coming from the mountain down through several cities.

Ski to Sea: Trayvax Trailblazers: Mark

Canoeing is the only section where two racers team up to navigate 18.5 miles of the Nooksack river. Mark, Trayvax Owner, switched from road biking last year to teaming up on the canoe for this round. Jono, Designer and Production Guru, will be joining for his first race. The two have been out practicing as the navigator and power house duo, ready to take on the current. Should be exciting to see how their teamwork pays off. 

Cyclocross is up next with 13 miles of various terrain and obstacles. Kevin, our Marketing Content Manager, raced this leg last year and loved it. It was a surprise when the bikers had to run across a rocky beach last year. In preparation, Kevin decided to take a vacation in Cancun the week before the race and land back in Washington 7 hours before the race begins to ensure he is well rested. Let's see if it pays off for him.

Finally the race enters the sea with 5 miles of kayaking out in Bellingham Bay. Brent, our Shipping Lead, is out kayaking on the weekends and is happy to put his practice to work for the Trayvax Trailblaizers. He is taking a course on kayake safety to make sure he is prepared and knows how to flip a turned over kayak. Hopefully it will be calm waters for race day.



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