Trayvax Kicks Back to Bluegrass at the 2017 Spur Festival

Trayvax Kicks Back to Bluegrass at the 2017 Spur Festival

Last weekend, a few members of the team were able to attend the 2017 Spur Festival in Darrington, Washington. We were all entirely impressed by the venue - the perfect picture of country living with its framed mountain backdrop, beautiful rolling hills beyond the stage, and the sprawling camping ground that was accommodating some 800 plus festival goers. We were excited to see a few attendees who already sported a Trayvax wallet!

Trayvax Spur Festival: Stage

With the music playing, the sun shining, good company to each shoulder, we were stoked to bring the company booth to Darrington, and to take part in the festivities.

The logistics of the gathering were flabbergasting - it was surprising to see a small helicopter taking groups up for a spin above the hills and close to the mountain - in addition to all with the luxuries of a country music festival with a proper beer garden, two stages, and more Porta-Potties than people who needed them! We were taken aback with the orchestration of this event.

Trayvax Spur Festival: Mountains

Truly, they couldn’t have picked a better spot for such a gathering - with a brook running through the fairground for some cool relief from the blistering heat, a few well-selected vendors, and easy access to town just a few minutes down the road.

We spent Friday night in the campground, sharing a laugh and a few brews with our neighbors, and realized very quickly that we need to remember an RV for such an event - we seemed to be the only party in the camp without a rig. Lesson learned.

Trayvax Spur Festival: River

All in all, we were glad to have the company represented in such beautiful countryside. And to have made such awesome connections with the people of Darrington. Thanks to all who helped to organize and direct the festival we had a blast!


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