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The Value of Heirlooms

The Value of Heirlooms

We use the word “heirloom” to describe our 65 year warranty because it is about more than just a promise. It is about the legacy that we want our products to carry. If you are lucky enough to have a treasured heirloom at home, you will appreciate what this is all about. It might be from a parent, a grandparent, or a great-grandparent. It might be from a friend, or a teacher, or a mentor. It might be from someone who raised you, or it might be from someone who passed on before you were even born. Heirlooms come in many forms—pocket watches, jewelry, quilts, works of art, and well worn tools. They might not all be in perfect condition, but they are here for a reason. They were made to last. This is a tradition that we want to continue.

How We Tell Time

Heirloom Pocket Watch

A century ago, if someone wanted to keep track of time, they carried a pocket watch. It served a practical purpose, but it was also an item that one could be proud of. Pocket watches were made by skilled hands, and they were repaired if they malfunctioned. They were an expensive item, but they could be used for decades. When we want to keep track of time today, there are many more options. The device you are reading this on can surely display the time. When you are waiting at a bus stop and want to check the time, you take the same basic actions one would have taken a century ago. You reach into your pocket, you pull out your essential item, maybe you click a button, and the time is displayed. Instead of a pocket watch, the essential item is a smart phone. Will it last for decades? It probably won’t, but it doesn’t really matter. In a year or two there will be something better. It will likely be obsolete before it needs to be repaired.

The Life-Cycle of Goods

USA Made to Last

The same trend can be seen with virtually all consumer products. The sooner they are obsolete, the sooner you will buy a new one, so many mass-manufacturers are not particularly concerned with long term quality and durability. This makes us wonder what we will have to pass down as heirlooms. One of our biggest goals as a company is to create products that last. We accomplish this with straightforward designs, quality materials, and hand-made craft. We are always improving our designs and our methods. We continue to improve these designs and introduce new products, but each one is made with longevity in mind. We want you to be able to pass your Trayvax wallets and everyday carry gear down to your family, your friends, or anyone else who is important to you.

Why We Pass Things Down

As we observe Memorial Day this weekend, we think of the sacrifices made by those who are no longer with us. Father’s Day is on its way, and many of us are already shopping for that perfect gift. For this occasion as well, we are reminded of those who came before us—not only our fathers, but our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. This is why we treasure the heirlooms that are passed down to us. This is the value of heirlooms. They are reminders of the people who fought to create and preserve a better life for us.

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Trayvax (Will H.)

Trayvax (Will H.)

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for reaching out, and thank you for your continued support. Since the original design was discontinued, we normally offer a 2.0 Wallet as a replacement. If you contact we can give you all the details on the warranty for the Original Wallet. We will be out of the office for the long weekend, but we should be able to get back to you after Memorial Day.

Ryan Doherty

Ryan Doherty

I have an original wallet (where I believe the stamping was upside down from the way the id displays, hehe). Recently ordered a new armored summit and like it, but after reading your heirloom statment, I realized that I’m still partial to my old one. Are there replacement parts available for your first wallet design? The part with the stretchy material with the Velcro on it? Appreciate your time. Thank you.

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