The Trayvax Bullet Space Pen: Writing on Wet Surfaces Made Easy!

The Trayvax Bullet Space Pen: Writing on Wet Surfaces Made Easy!

Here's the thing. Generally, all types of ballpoint pens can write underwater. There can be the unusual and odd case where it's not possible, but a typical ballpoint will work just fine if you want to use it on a surface submerged in water. That's what makes them so awesome; they can work in all types of places and situations.

However, with fountain and gel pens, you could have some trouble writing on wet surfaces due to the nature of the ink.

Now, since normal ballpoints can work fine on wet surfaces, what need do you have to go buying the Trayvax Bullet Space Pen? There are a lot of answers to THAT question, and those are what we are going to be looking at in this post.

Introducing the Trayvax Bullet Space Pen

Yep, that's right. The brand offers more than just slim wallets for men.

The Bullet Space Pen is Trayvax's version of the standard Fisher Space Pen. The latter is famed for having a durable and versatile functionality. They can work in all sorts of situations, whether on wet surfaces, over-grease, in extreme temperatures and at all kinds of weird angles.

Trayvax combines all these impressive qualities along with an outstanding and elegant design to come up with the Bullet Space Pen.

summit wallet and space pen

Design and Durability

Let's start with how this thing is built.

The coated brass body can be a huge plus for people who can't afford to be very careful with their belongings. Brass in general is tarnish and rust-resistant. The additional coat on top adds to the durability, which makes this instrument ideal for rough and rigorous use. This, combined with your durable front pocket wallet (like the Trayvax Contour), can make up an excellent combination of everyday pocket-carry.

There is also a slip-on clip that you can use to secure it on the edge of your pocket to prevent it from falling out. You can also use fit this clip on your tactical webbing belt. Near the top end is the good old Trayvax logo in gold and on the opposite side is the "- Earn Your Story -" tagline.

If you buy a leather slim minimalist wallet from our brand, you get the option of getting a custom engraving. Think how cool it would look to have the same tagline inscribed on your wallet.

Moving on, one of the most awesome things about these pens is that once you take the front cartridge off, the size gets significantly reduced. You can break the components up, and carry them separately instead of in one piece. By doing so, you won't put yourself in as much discomfort, and you will also be able to lower the chances of accidentally dropping the thing somewhere as you walk. Think about it. Longer pens will peek out of your pocket like a baby kangaroo (which makes them more prone to fall out), while smaller ones will fit snugly inside.

Writing Ability

The Trayvax Bullet Space Pen comes with a Fisher pressurized PR4 black ink cartridge. You can enjoy a 3x longer lifetime than usual ballpoint pens.

You can write stuff even at high altitudes (up to 12,500 feet). The cold and reduced pressure won't bother your note-taking sessions. The same goes for extreme temperatures. The working range of this product is -35º to 120º. In layman terms, that basically means that you can use the Bullet Pens even if you are sitting inside a frozen lake…or a tank of boiling water.

And lastly, you can enjoy writing at odd and unusual angles as well. In fact, angles aren't an issue with these pens since they are made to function even in zero-g.

Reasons to Buy

One aspect that you could have some qualms about with this product is the price tag. $36.99 is one hefty price for a writing instrument. But once you see all the pros and benefits of owning one, the cost seems quite justified. The ruggedness, durability, versatility, and aesthetics are worth it.

By the way, you can get one of these as part of the pack if you buy the Summit Notebook wallet from our website. The latter is, while we are on the subject, an excellent product to buy if you looking for something to carry a small notebook, your bank cards, and folded cash bills all at once.


So, are you convinced to buy the Trayvax Bullet Space Pen yet? It's a good deal. You can enjoy an awesome writing experience and lengthy lifetime, along with wide usability. Trust us, this one won't snap or splinter up like normal plastic ballpoints. Get yours now by clicking here.

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