American Manufacturing

Our Promise to Grow American Manufacturing

Our Promise to Grow American Manufacturing

Our promise at Trayvax® is to keep everything American Made. We want to help provide jobs for the American people. Our goal for this company is to have 5,000 employees to support 5,000 American families.

With our promise, we have earned many loyal supporters and we greatly appreciate every one of you! One of our supporters recently reached out and shared his story for why American manufacturing means so much to him and his family.

“My father was an engineer and innovator, and American manufacturing is what fed my family. When I was about 12 years old, all of his work was shipped to China. We went from middle-class to broke in no time flat. The stress for him was overwhelming and two years later he passed at 46 years-old from a heart attack. When I was 16 I proposed to myself to take personal responsibility for the growth, success and return of American manufacturing.” (James Blackburn).

Sadly this is a story we have seen time and time again. There are currently 14 million jobs outsourced overseas. That is nearly double the amount of unemployed at 7.4 million in the United States. That’s 14 million more American families that wouldn’t have to go hungry or scrape a living. We want to do our part and help as many families in the United States as possible.  

James not only shared his story but also his overwhelming support for our company. “You guys don’t just make wallets, you help raise families, you help put food on the table and you help buy school’s supplies for young learners.”

James then went on to explain how he started his own firm, Forge Media Collective, dedicated to helping American Manufacturers. He shared his story and his resources with us, sending several books our way. Having supporters like James is exactly why we are dedicated to our cause.

To James and everyone else who has ever supported us, we are eternally grateful!


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Ron Preston

Ron Preston

Thank you and God bless.

Deagan Williams

Deagan Williams

You guys are awesome! Thank you for making your products in the USA. It truly makes a difference.

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