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How to Make a Cell Phone Wallet

Keys, wallet, phone, three everyday items we can’t live without. Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could marry these items and keep them together? Unfortunately, there are no cell phone wallets currently on the market, but Trayvax has come up with a solution.

Summit Grip cell phone wallet
The Summit Grip cell phone attachment is a lightweight aluminum plate that you adhere to the back of your cell phone. Once in place, you simply snap the Trayvax Summit wallet onto the back of your phone. The Summit wallet includes an attachment point for keys as well.

Here’s how you make a cell phone wallet:

STEP 1: Apply the Summit Grip to the back of your cell phone

STEP 2: Slide the Summit wallet money clip over Summit Grip tab and snap into place

STEP 3: To remove, lift up on the bottom of the Summit wallet

STEP 4: Clip keys onto Summit wallet attachment point

Keep your cell phone, wallet and keys together with the Summit and Summit Grip by Trayvax.


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