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How Serious Is the Plastic Problem to Planet Earth?

How Serious Is the Plastic Problem to Planet Earth?

A recent study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that only 9% of all plastic is recycled, with billions of tons of it ending up in landfills or littering the oceans. We know that plastic is far from a sustainable material and so we’ve been looking for ways to reduce our use and increase recycling rates. As a result, we found ourselves wondering: "Can you make wallets from recycled plastics?"

While many are familiar with how to recycle newspapers, plastic bottles, and other materials, not everyone knows that you can even make slim wallets for men from recycled plastics. But now you do.

How is Plastic a Serious Threat to Mother Nature?

Recently, there has been a lot of sensitization efforts from world leaders about the changing climate. One of these efforts is the recent climate change conference (COP 26) in the UK in November. Despite these moves, it’s very evident that a lot still needs to be done to make an impact on climate change.

One of the biggest contributors to the climate changes witnessed across the globe is pollution, and plastic stands as one of the biggest culprits. In water bodies like lakes, seas, and oceans, plastic is the principal natural carbon sink for ozone gases. Generally, pollution from non-biodegradable substances leaves a terrible legacy behind.

In 2021 alone, researchers approximate that plastic production and combustion will add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere amounting to over 850 million tons. And by 2050, the emissions are expected to hike to more than 2.8 billion tons if nothing is done to combat plastic pollution.

For that reason, the least effort you can make to reduce pollution can go a long way in making change. The use of recycled plastics to make some of the best slim wallets for men is one of the ways of combating plastic pollution.

Another great strategy is discouraging the use of plastic products so manufacturers can reduce production. And the best contribution you can make to this worthy course is by using slim minimalist wallets made out of leather and metal.

Three Best Slim Wallets to Reduce Pollution

Wallets made using leather and metal are elegant and durable. That means you could use them for a lifetime and pass them to your sons.

Are you moved by the urge to make an impact to reduce climate change? You don’t have to be an activist like Greta, embracing products with a lower environmental impact can make a change. And Men’s slim wallet leather made is one example of items you can adopt to save our planet for future generations.

Here are some of the best plastic wallets for men that you might want to consider buying to kickstart your journey to save the planet.

TrayVax Ascent Wallet

Ascent Wallet is the perfect wallet for a minimalist. Made from durable, sleek metal with a hand-stitched high-quality leather exterior, it offers space for up to 7 cards and 5 folded bills. The size of the wallet is made to be easily accessible in your front pocket and fits nicely with your lifestyle.

ascent wallet slim

You won’t have to worry about losing your cards to credit card thieves as its RFID blocking feature keeps all scanners away. And if you were looking for a minimalist wallet made in USA, Ascent Wallet is the one.

Roam Mini Clutch

This is the perfect clutch for the woman on the go. A luxurious wallet that’s going to keep you in style, Roam Mini Clutch will get you from A to B in style with ease. Its discreet size makes it perfect for your purse, and its size ensures that you can pack it with all of your essentials. The soft wool interior will keep your cards safe, secure, and easily accessible to you.

It’s made using high quality and sturdy American leather to give it the chic and elegant design everyone will admire. It’s also sizeable enough to hold handy things every woman needs on the go, such as bobby pins, spare keys, and hair ties.

roam clutch

Trayvax Summit Notebook

The Trayvax Summit Notebook is the perfect companion for any task in life. Store your cards, cash, and notes in the rugged Summit Wallet, made with Horween oil-tanned leather. The all-weather Fisher Bullet Space Pen will be your secret weapon when you need to take care of business on the go.

This men’s notebook wallet is designed with durability and functionality in mind. It\'s the perfect size for anyone who’s always on the move for business. With the RFID protection feature, rest assured your cards will be safe as you travel from your business meetings to the airport.

Explorer Passport Wallet

Your new best friend for adventures of all sorts! The Explorer Passport Wallet has everything you need to go around the world and come back home. It\'s designed to be durable and supple with two credit card slots and a sleeve for cash, receipts, and documents. With Horween leather, this is a perfect companion for any adventurer.


as we continue to fight global climate change, you can contribute positively to it by reducing your use of plastics. One way would be to have a stylish and durable metal wallet, such as  Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet that you can alternate with a leather wallet. That way, the latter will last longer as its use will be minimal.

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