How Many Wallets Do You Really Need?

How Many Wallets Do You Really Need?

With minimalism and Marie Kondo being trendy now, we’re all wondering how much stuff we need. For instance, whether or not someone needs an entire collection of sneakers. And wallets are one of the categories people struggle with. I believe less is more, so in my opinion, people should have three wallets at the most.

A Wallet for Everyday

First, you should have a standard wallet for your everyday life. Something that’s not too flashy, and can fit into your pockets. A good option for this is the Trayvax Element. It’s a slim minimalist wallet that can withstand anything your travels can throw at it. Take a stumble onto the concrete? It won’t even scuff. Did you store something else in the same pocket? The leather will stand strong.

element wallet

The secret is the durable stainless-steel frame and strong top-grain leather. Almost nothing can break this tough wallet. And not only is it tough, but it also looks sleek. You can take it out at the office with no weird looks, or be proud to pay for dinner with it. With its good looks and tough construction, the Element is the perfect everyday wallet.

A Fancy Wallet

On the other hand, you may want a wallet that looks nice. One that’s better for a night on the town. For that purpose, I like the Trayvax Contour. It’s a cool metal wallet that has a unique, striking look. It may seem like a cage with leather straps, but you can’t say that any other wallet looks like it. It’ll be a conversation starter in any nightclub, and at the bar, you can pop open a beer with its built-in bottle opener. And it’s good at protecting cards, with its tough and RFID-blocking frame. It’s a great wallet for those fancier times.

contour wallet

A Backup Wallet

And for those days when you can’t find your main wallet or want to swap out, a backup is important. For a slim and fashionable wallet that you can hide in just about any space, try a Trayvax Ascent. This ultra-slim wallet can be stored in a pocket, a gym bag, or even the glove compartment of your car. It’ll be there for you The Ascent can hold up to 7 cards, which makes it a good backup to the slightly thicker Element.

ascent wallet

It even has a cash slot for bills and important receipts. This wallet will make for a good everyday wallet too if you want a slim profile over a strong one. If you prefer to have a wallet that can be squirreled away, the Ascent is the one for you.


As with any rule, the three-wallets rule isn’t hard and fast. There are exceptions. For instance, if you travel a lot, you may need a passport wallet. A good one to have is the Explorer. It’s big enough to hold cash, cards, bills, receipts, your passport, and even your boarding pass. Get onto the plane with your passport and boarding pass, pay for meals and Wi-Fi, and exchange your cash when you land. When you need an extra wallet to take with you into the air, an Explorer is the one for you.

Or, if you want fewer than three wallets, that’s OK too. You can keep everything together with just one wallet or clutch. For a clutch that can do both everyday use and nights out, try a Roam. It’s big enough to hold anything you need, from cards to bills to a spare key. Its soft wool inner won’t scratch up sunglasses, and it has a special pouch in the back for a cell phone. It can be a wristlet, a cross-body bag, a shoulder bag, or even just a wallet. It all depends on how you decide to clip the straps onto it. It’s a versatile clutch, and you can make it work as your sole wallet.

original wallet

Of course, you could just be a wallet collector as a hobby. In that case, we have plenty of nice wallets for you to collect. Our most popular one is the Original 2.0, with over 6000 reviews. There’s no shame in a hobby of collection, and Trayvax is here to help.

In Conclusion

I personally believe you only need three wallets. An everyday wallet, a fancy wallet, and an emergency backup. There are always exceptions, though, and if you want more wallets or fewer, that’s fine too. Whatever you want, there’s a Trayvax that’s perfect for you.

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