How Do You Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Boyfriend?

How Do You Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Boyfriend?

We are in February, and as many like to say, love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love. Whether you have been together for a few months or decades, it is not always easy settling on the way to celebrate your love. Are you stuck on how you can make this day unique for your boyfriend? Read on to find out how to make them feel special.

Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Boyfriend

Men are the simplest creatures to please but can also be indecisive on what they want. Even if you don’t give them gifts throughout the year, they won’t feel bad because they’re wired to be on the giving end. But it doesn’t hurt to surprise them with something worth remembering on Valentine’s Day. Check out some of the great ideas to make them feel special and appreciated.

Take him on a hike

Hiking is a great idea that is rich in precious moments without distractions. If the two of you are fans of outdoor adventure, it’s a great way to spend time on this special day. It can provide you with a chance to get to know each other better.

Pack up a few essentials like water, a compass, and maybe even a small camping tent. Grab your guy and head out to an unfamiliar hiking spot. Together, you will need to go out on an adventure and make your way home whenever you feel like going back. For safety purposes, make sure to inform a friend or family member of your whereabouts and a hard date when you will be back.

hike valentines day men gifts

Make sure to bring your camera or phone along for a photo. Your boyfriend can bring only a few things that can fit in a slim minimalist wallet, such as cards and some notes.

Send him on a treasure hunt

Instead of buying him the best minimalist wallet and present to him in person, why not put it at the end of a treasure hunt? Print out some cards with clues and place them in designated areas. It could be inside the house or outdoors.

When ready to begin the treasure hunt, give him the first clue and let him run around solving the rest of the riddles until he finds the treasure. If the final surprise is the Original 2.0 wallet made with sixty-five years of daily use in mind, that moment will stick in his mind for eternity.

original 2.0 wallet men gift valentines day

Buy useful accessories for him

There are always new gadgets in the market that he could use for his day-to-day activities. For example, if he is used to carrying keys in his pockets or hands. A Carabiner clip Keychain would be a thoughtful gift for him. It will be a great way to show him that you pay attention to his activities and interests.

Pay him a surprise visit

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the perfect gift you could give your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day is you. Arrange with his friends or colleagues so the surprise can run smoothly. If your boyfriend is into wallets, bring along a cool metal wallet as a gift for him to crown the moment. He is sure to remember this day for the rest of his life.

Craft something for him

Show him your creative and funny side with a cute punny, customized card. Handcrafted and unconventional cards are so much better than store-bought cards. Just make sure it is a size that can fit in his front pocket wallet. To always keep it close with him.

Consider writing a romantic Valentine’s love quote or a piece of poetry and read it out to him. You can also buy him Trayvax’s Contour Wallet, slide the punny card in it and present it as a gift.

Surprise him with food

You may have come across the phrase that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. If you are settling for the food route, you can deliver his food at school or work. Give his day a great start by serving him breakfast in bed. Try heart-shaped pancakes, eggs, or potatoes and couple it with a pink or red smoothie.

If he’s a camping enthusiast and a foodie, gift them something to make their adventure worthwhile. The Trayvax Ration is an excellent choice for warming up food while on the move. It’s a simple compact stove burner, 20Oz stainless steel cup, and a 3.5Oz fuel canister secured in a two-piece metal body.

Final Thoughts

You can never run out of ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day special for your boyfriend. Picking the right idea for Valentine’s depends on how long you have been together. What you have already done in the past and what your interests are.

Whether you have been together for a few weeks or are in a serious relationship, you will find the perfect ideas to make him feel special on this day. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I hope you will have an easy time deciding on a special way to treat your special someone.


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