Why You Should Get a Trek Knife for your Next Adventure

Why You Should Get a Trek Knife for your Next Adventure

A knife is probably the most useful tool yet somehow overlooked by many. It’s surprising how many people don’t think about carrying a knife when going into the woods for camping. Just like a man wouldn’t forget to carry their minimalist leather wallet, an outdoor enthusiast shouldn’t leave their adventure knife behind.

Bringing your knife to an outdoor event can save you from lots of issues, such as life-threatening situations. If you’re an outdoors buff, you probably already know how useful a hand knife can be. But the outdoors newbies might forget to bring well-sharpened knives on their adventure.

Nevertheless, whether you’re an outdoors veteran or getting started, check out the types of knives to consider and the best three to buy.

Types of Knives Worth Considering When Out for Adventure

A hand knife is the Swiss army knife of the outdoor world, which offers a variety of cutting tools. Every major knife brand makes hand blades, which while more expensive can’t be stuffed with the same quality tool. Hand knives weigh a fraction of a pound compared to a traditional Swiss army knife, making them less cumbersome to carry.

Combat knives, or any knives with fixed blades, are suitable for carrying on adventures, as they’re easy to unfold and conceal. Combat knives are great for slicing and chopping, and depending on the type, they’re also quite versatile. However, even a well-crafted survival knife for hunting or camping may eventually get dull.

For hunting, a knife with slip-proof blades for humans is better. For men, it’s better to use a Bowie knife; the serrated edge aids in propelling the knife, and it has slightly finer teeth so they are less likely to slip on or off. Bergs are one of the few blades with both fixed and foldable blades, ideal for chopping. This type is also recommended for a technical survival situation.

Other blades that are versatile enough to perform multiple tasks without losing their edge are Man Opener and blending knives. These are good for one hand; they’re easy to carry and transport. They’re very sharp, don’t need to be stored in a pocket, and take up little space.


A properly sharpened knife is the best survival tool you can carry on any trek. Having a knife works as a deterrent against bears and/or other dangerous species who might get to you. However, when it comes to soft, rocky trails and thick vegetation, using a dull knife can make securing your food even more difficult. Beyond the capabilities of a regular chef’s knife, a folding pocket knife can come in handy if you bump into trouble while on the trail.

Three best Outdoor Knife Brands to Buy

Are you prepping for your next camping adventure? If you have your outdoor outfit accessorized with a tactical webbing belt, gloves, and sunglasses, adding a knife to your essential tools list will get you ready. Here are the best knives to add to your tools and enjoy the outdoors fun.

Trayvax Trek Field Knife

Sometimes you need a lightweight, tough-made, EDC knife that can handle anything. The Trayvax Trek Field Knife is perfect for carving, cutting rope, and everyday tasks. It\'s lightweight, easy to care for, and it looks great when wrapped with a paracord or handle scales.


The Trayvax Trek Field Knife is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your pocket. Not just for outdoor adventure but also everyday usage. Its\' USA-made, CNC machined frame provides a lightweight design that\'s easy to clean and maintain. The blade is a 3.5" thick hybrid blade and comes with a durable 60-61 HRC hardness. Since it’s forged from CPM S35VN Stainless Steel, it can handle almost any tough task, enabling it to cut through thick timber blocks with ease.

Plus, the Trayvax Trek Field Knife is sizeable enough to be a compact pocket knife but tough enough to handle heavy tasks. It has a long-lasting sharpness, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about resharpening when going out for your next adventure. It’s easy to carry and can be held on a Carabiner Clip Keychain.

If thinking about going camping, you shouldn’t miss this Trayvax Trek Field Knife with you.

Bugout Knife

Bugout Knife is a foldable pocket knife that can handle any camping or hiking need. Its lightweight and compact design make it perfect for travel, but its sturdy construction ensures the blade is always reliable. 

The makers of this knife have ensured it can handle any heavy-duty task by forging it out of CPM-S30V stainless steel. Plus, it brings lots of amazing features such as textured locking, a large lanyard hole, and a reversible pocket clip to make it ideal for any use. Whether you like to cut thick BBQ meat or slice thicket, Bugout Knife is a must-have. 

Kershaw Launch 1

You will be blown away by this fast, automatic blade. Kershaw Launch 1 opens with speed and power, has a black oxide finish for durability and elegance. Plus, it’s easy to sharpen making it an ideal tool for activities that rely heavily on pocket knives. The anodized aluminum handle is balanced well in your hand to give you the readiness needed for combat.

With the push-button for safety, it’s harder for its blade to deploy accidentally, making it a safe pocket knife for all scenarios. Its CPM 154 stainless steel blade gives it an edge over most pocket knives. It’s resistant to elements and can without a great deal of stress.


As you shop around for a hand knife, it\'s worth considering one that can also be held with a clip-on keychain. This makes it easier to quickly withdraw it whenever required. The above three knives will never disappoint you while outdoors for adventure.

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