Carrying a Fat Wallet Won’t Make You Look Rich

Carrying a Fat Wallet Won’t Make You Look Rich

When people see someone with a fat bifold wallet, their typical reaction would be, “Wow, he’s rich.” Well, don’t let someone with a fat wallet fool you. Chances are that they’re overcompensating because their savings account doesn’t have enough in it. If you really want to look rich, keep these tips in mind:

What Rich Men Keep in Their Wallets

Throw away your big and bulky bifold wallet. Instead, keep these items in your front pocket wallet if you want to look rich:

#1 Credit Cards

Real rich people don’t actually carry a lot of credit cards. This is because the number of credit cards someone has doesn’t necessarily reflect one’s affluence. That’s why the rich don’t need a fat bifold wallet. They carry only the cards they need -- including their black card, of course -- in a metal front pocket wallet. Besides, carrying a lot of cards can tempt them to go on a shopping spree. Carrying only a few cards is probably how they’re able to stay rich.

#2 Debit Cards

Rich people know that their credit cards should be used for big-ticket items and that their debit cards should be used for day-to-day buys, such as groceries. They also understand that a debit card can come in handy, as some stores don’t accept credit if the purchase is less than a certain amount. Plus, in the unlikely event that their card is declined, their debit cards can be their backup plan.

#3 Cash

There’s a myth that rich people don’t pay with cash, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Rich people stay rich because they’re aware that paying with cash can help them spend less. So, instead of swiping away their credit card, they carry a couple of pieces of cash in their slim minimalist wallet. To avoid overspending, they even carry tens and twenties.

#4 Business Cards

In case they meet a potential client or partner, rich people always carry business cards in their wallets. To ensure that their business cards stay crisp, they wrap them in cash or carry them in a business card wallet. If they’re going on a business trip, rich people tend to carry their credit cards, cash, and business cards in a passport case such as the Explorer Passport Wallet.

passport wallet

#5 Insurance Cards

Brace yourself for the worst that could possibly happen. You should always carry your insurance cards in your slim money clip wallet in case of emergencies. That way, when things do go wrong, you can conveniently refer to your insurance information. Insurance cards are compact, so they can fit into your front pocket wallet without taking up room.

What Rich Men Don’t Keep in Their Wallets

Now that you know what you should keep in your wallet to look rich, let’s look at what you shouldn’t keep in your wallet.

#1 Social Security Number

You shouldn’t have your Social Security Number (SSN) on you. You shouldn’t even write it down where people can easily see (or steal) it. Identity theft is a serious threat, so instead of keeping your SSN in your slim money clip wallet, make a mental note of it.

#2 ATM Receipts

ATM receipts can clutter your wallet. After withdrawing at the ATM, rip it up and throw it away. If you want to check how much money you have in your account, use your bank’s app. That way, you no longer need to print a receipt.

#3 Old Tickets

You don’t need to keep movie tickets, train tickets, etc. in your wallet. Cluttering your wallet with these items will make it hard to find what you’re looking for. If you’re sentimental, take a picture or try scrapbooking. Don’t let sentimentality stop you from maintaining a clutter-free lifestyle.

#4 Keys

Keeping keys in your wallet will only scratch your credit cards. Your wallet should only carry your cash, cards, and coins -- it wasn’t designed to safekeep your keys. Instead, use a clip-on keychain that can be attached to your belt loop. Alternatively, you could use a clutch with multiple compartments such as the Roam Clutch. A clutch separates your stuff so your cards are free from scratches.

roam clutch wallet

Best Wallet That Says “I’m Rich”

A fat wallet won’t make you look rich, but a slim money clip wallet like the Element Wallet will. It’s slim enough to carry the essentials on this list, including your credit cards, debit cards, and business cards. Best of all, it’s crafted from premium materials that would earn a nod of approval from everyone in the room. The Element is so stylish that rich people will walk up to you to ask where you purchased it.

element wallet

If metal wallets aren’t your style, try the Ascent Wallet or other wallets in Trayvax’s collection of carefully crafted leather wallets. When you use our wallets, we can guarantee a lifetime of use -- they can even be passed down the generations. 

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