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Best RFID-Blocking Card Cases for Sale 2021

Best RFID-Blocking Card Cases for Sale 2021

You can never be too careful when it comes to your credit card information. All it takes is for someone to stand close enough to steal information stored on your card. This is also known as RFID (radio-frequency identification) skimming. If your credit card has an RFID chip, you should take extra precautions to protect your data. One way to do this is by buying an RFID-blocking card case.

Here are some of the best -- and most stylish -- RFID-blocking wallets out there:

What are the Best RFID-Blocking Card Cases?

#1 Fossil Derek RFID Leather Bifold Wallet

Want the style of a classic leather wallet, but also the safety of an RFID-blocking card case? The Fossil Derek RFID Leather Bifold Wallet is the best of both worlds. Made of genuine leather, this bi-fold wallet for men has many compartments, so that you have enough space for all of your cards and cash.

#2 Travelon RFID Blocking Cash & Card Sleeve

Travelon wallets are well-known for their RFID-blocking technology, so it’s no surprise that they’re on this list. The Travelon RFID Blocking Cash & Card Sleeve is a minimalist wallet that’s super slim. It’s the perfect wallet if you’re planning on bringing the bare necessities.

#3 Armored Summit Wallet

Safeguard your wallet with increased RFID-protection with the Armored Summit Wallet. This wallet offers up to 95.1% RFID protection. View the test results. The Armored Summit Wallet by Trayvax holds up to 7 cards and 5 bills. Made in the USA, the 65-year heirloom warranty speaks to the durability!

armored summit rfid wallet

#4 Add a Shift Wallet Comb

The Trayvax Shift wallet comb keeps both your hair stylish and your wallet RFID safe. This combined wide-tooth comb works for longer hair and beards and the fine teeth are perfect for styling. The Shift uses tough stainless steel with a polished finish and tapered teeth for easy detangling. Also, the stainless steel frame offers high-level RFID-protection. And to top it all off, there is the handy added bottle opener. Keep your credit cards safe while looking good with this lightweight wallet comb.

rfid wallet comb


Criminals are becoming sneakier and sneakier, so it’s best to buy an RFID-blocking card case. It’s the ideal way to protect your personal data from electronic thieves.

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