Best Minimalist Leather Wallets: Bi-Folds, Money Clip Cards, and More

Best Minimalist Leather Wallets: Bi-Folds, Money Clip Cards, and More

Choosing a leather wallet can be confusing. Should you go for a classic bi-fold, a money clip card, or a “carry-it-all” clutch? Then you have to decide what kind of leather you want it to be. Should you go for full-grain or top-grain?

The decision-making process can be a difficult one, especially since your wallet will be your long-term companion, considering how long leather wallets last. To help, we’ve compiled some of the best-crafted leather wallets out there.

#1 Best Bi-Fold Leather Wallet

Looking for a classic bi-fold wallet for men? The Trayvax Explorer is a big bi-fold wallet that’ll carry everything you could possibly need. Made of top-grain leather, it shows off a smooth surface and a slim shape that you can tuck away in your suit pocket.

suit jacket leather wallet

#2 Best Clip Card Leather Wallet

Leather money clip wallets are great for people who carry more cards than cash. The Trayvax Element Wallet can hold up to ten credit cards, while its integrated metal money clip can keep your cash in place. Crafted with top-grain leather, it’s slim enough to slide into your front pocket.

#3 Best Leather Clutch

If you’re looking for a minimalist leather wallet but you still want the “carry-it-all” capabilities of a clutch, look no further than the Trayvax Roam Clutch. Featuring luxurious Horween leather, it’s designed to be your everyday companion. This clutch can carry everything -- you can even carry a wallet inside this wallet!

roam leather clutch wallet


Your minimalist leather wallet will be around for a long time, so it’s important to choose one that complements your lifestyle. Remember, leather wallets are an expensive but worthwhile investment, so you’ll want to choose wisely!

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