Lost in Transition

Lost in Transition

Little Blue Ben's Unexpected Adventure

I have been by my master’s side for eight months. I remember when she first opened my package and instantly fell in love. Not only am I a metal wallet, but I protect her cards with RFID resistance, have a built in bottle opener, and am her favorite shade of blue. She showed me off to her family, friends, coworkers, and even complete strangers she met while buying groceries. I loved meeting all of her friends and they all loved me.

I noticed that over time I wasn’t getting to see her friends as often. I would spend the work day in her purse. I would sleep in her purse. Really the only time I ever was given the chance to leave her purse and interact with people was when she needed me to buy something. I quickly grew bored and wanted to see the world.

One day, on our walk home from work along a busy road, I heard a siren. I hadn’t left my master’s purse in nearly a week. It was time to get some fresh air. I climbed my way over my masters lipstick, on to her packet of gum, and slowly lifted the corner of her purse.

It was a cold November evening. I saw a massive red truck blaring a siren. I nudged forward, slowly moving further out of the purse for a better view. Before I knew what was happening, I was falling into the street! My master’s elbow had bumped her purse and I flung out. As I neared the hard cold pavement of the street, I knew it was the end of my peaceful life.

I hit the ground hard and dented my front plate. I slowly turned around to find the firetruck I had been so eager to see approaching rapidly. Suddenly, I’m being crushed under the immense weight of the truck! I felt each tread of the tire slowly pounding me into the road. As the tire finally released me, the rotation flung me further into the street.

I had found myself in the median, safe from oncoming traffic. Unable to move or call out, all I could do was hope that my master would notice I was gone and come back for me. I swore that I would keep her belongings safe until she found me. As the cold night grew dark, my despair grew even darker.

Three long days passed of flinching at every car that sped by. Then, a miracle happened! A jaywalker was running across the street. He stopped in the median as he waited for the oncoming traffic to cease. He saw me! He moved towards me and slowly picked me up. I was saved!

Next thing I knew, I was in his right front pocket and felt him jogging. The motion flooded my body with pain from the dents of my mistake. Just as I could no longer bear the pain, he took me out of his pocket and I was blinded by the bright light.

As my eyes adjusted, I realized where I was. This stranger had taken me to the bank that my master has an account with. He was helping me get home! I heard him talking with a customer service agent who agreed to call my master. I knew I was safe and slowly drifted asleep.

I woke to the soft sound of my master’s voice. Never before had I felt the warmth and comfort of belonging. She had come for me. As she finished thanking the receptionist, I noticed she had a new purse. I promised myself right there that I would never try to see the outside world without the guiding hand of my master.

My master picked me up for the first time in days and looked me over. I had suffered a few dents but was able to keep her cards safe. To my shame, one of her six cards was slightly bent. Even though I had lost myself and bent my master’s card, she seemed ecstatic to have me back. I will never leave her side again!

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