5 Best Wallets and Card Cases for Women: 2023 Shopping Guide

5 Best Wallets and Card Cases for Women: 2023 Shopping Guide

New trends emerge in the women’s wallet industry each year. For example, 2021’s wallets were dominated by textures, like the croc-skin front pocket wallets by Balenciaga, and by shapes such as half-moon wallets from Polène Paris. We also saw several ‘unconventional’ wallets that would rightly belong in the handbag category, such as the ‘cloud’ clutches that were so popular on social media.

In this article, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at a few of the crowd favorites when it comes to women’s wallets:

#1 Cuyana Classic Zip-Around Wallet

Cuyana’s wallets were designed with minimalists in mind. If you’re looking for a wallet with zipper that allows you to organize your cash, cards, and coins while staying chic, you can’t go wrong with this classic from Cuyana. It features a wrap-around zipper to keep your possessions organized in its countless compartments. There are eight card slots, two cash slots, and one coin compartment in between. Best of all, it comes in classically beautiful colors such as blush, stone, and rose. This minimalist leather wallet is the perfect companion for the girl-on-the-go.

#2 Dior Saddle Lotus Wallet

In 2021, every woman wanted to own a Dior Saddle Bag. Unfortunately, it isn’t near the definition of ‘affordable’. Those that couldn’t afford the hefty price tag could, fortunately, settle for the Dior Saddle Lotus Wallet. Strikingly similar to the Dior Saddle Bag, the wallet looked nothing like your regular front pocket wallet. But perhaps that was the point -- the Saddle Lotus Wallet is nowhere near “subtle”, with its monograms and signature golden ‘D’ clasp. It was a wallet that acted as an accessory, too.

roam wallet leather women

#3 Trayvax Roam Mini Clutch

Luxury wallets don’t always need to flaunt ‘fancy’ designs. The Trayvax Roam Mini Clutch, for example, is a minimalist leather wallet crafted from fine leather that features a discreet profile. Unlike the rest of the wallets in this list, the Roam Mini Clutch has a rugged look, making it a great option for adventurers and travelers. It comes with multiple compartments to carry your cards, cash, coins, and so on. If you don’t want to use it as a wallet, wear it as a wristlet or crossbody bag.

#4 Polène Paris Half Moon Wallet

Earlier, we mentioned that half-moon wallets were one of 2021’s trends. An excellent example of that is the Half Moon Wallet from the Parisian fashion house Polène Paris. The Half Moon Wallet is at the halfway point between ‘classic’ and ‘contemporary’, two styles that, when combined, create one of the most beautiful wallets that money can buy. Crafted from full-grain calf leather, it’s a wallet that’ll withstand the test of time. You can carry it as a minimalist leather wallet or as a women’s clutch.

#5 Burberry Lancaster Wallet

The Burberry Lancaster Wallet is a tri-fold wallet that functions as a front pocket wallet. Crafted from linen, leather, and cotton, the Lancaster Wallet features Burberry’s iconic check pattern, the “Haymarket Check”. The wallet seems small, but don’t let it fool you. When you open it, you’ll find plenty of compartments for your cash and cards. You can carry it in your pocket (if you have pockets in the first place), but for a wallet that costs $480, it’d be better to carry it in a handbag.

What to Look For in a Women’s Wallet

It’s hard to choose only one wallet when all of the options stand out in their own ways. To help you choose, here’s what to consider when shopping for a women’s wallet:

  • Material: Women’s wallets are crafted from different materials, however, leather is a popular choice due to its durability.
  • Type: Do you want a bi-fold, tri-fold, clutch, coin purse, or metal wallet with a money clip? Determine your needs to narrow down your options.
  • RFID Blocking Technology: If you travel often, opt for an RFID wallet for women to protect yourself from fraud. You could also slip your credit card into an RFID card.
  • Color: Women’s wallets come in more colors than men’s wallets. If you want a wallet that goes with any outfit, go for classics like black and beige.


The year is coming to a close, but before it ends, splurge on one of these wallets before they’re gone for good. Trends change each year, so there’s no telling what 2023’s wallets will look like! If you’re in the market for other kinds of wallets, check out Trayvax’s wide collection of minimalist wallets for men and women today.

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