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Trayvax Contour - Burgundy

$ 159.99

 Due to high demand the Trayvax Contour will have limited availability.

Original Leather Strap carries up to 8 cards.

Extended Leather Strap carries up to 13 cards.

The Contour is a modern take on a classic leather wallet (patent pending.) Its elegant and timeless design is backed by a steel plate to ensure a rugged, long-lasting carry. With time, the leather will develop a patina as a constant reminder of your journey. All of the components of the wallet are sourced from the USA.

The Contour comes with a lifetime warranty. We will replace or repair the wallet under standard use for the life of the original owner. We have a customer service team of excellent folks that are here to help, and we stand behind our word. 

Material composition:

Burgundy = Titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) coating

 Length: 3.8 Inches  Width: 2.4 Inches   Thickness: 0.5 Inches 

Contour specs:

-Designed to carry 5 bills with maxed card capacity

-5 oz top grain U.S. sourced leather

-304 stainless CNC machined base plate

-Integrated carabiner clip

-Laser cut top plate with easy access bottle opener

-Adjustable sliding clasp

-RFID resistance

-Torx wrench for adjustment

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Chris Boduch
Saline, Michigan

Last Wallet I Will Ever Own

I have been a fan of Trayvax ever since I saw them as start up ad on Facebook. Since then I have purchased, used, and owned an Axis wallet, which I loved. From my experience with the Axis I quickly learned about the quality that Trayvax puts into their products. They are simple and stylish products that are built to last, with quality materials. The Contour emphasizes this perfectly. I received this wallet as a gift, and it is now my most cherished every day carry item. The Contour is made of some of the finest materials I have seen. From the soft touch of the leather strap to the high quality of the metal frame, it makes it easily one of the most refined wallets Trayvax has to offer. I have used the wallet for almost a month now, and it is wearing nicely. The leather seems to break in over time and really fits my cards that I carry nicely. I am able to fit 10 cards and 8 bills in the regular strap. It was a bit stiff in the beginning, but has loosened up nicely to accommodate what I carry. The leather also wears to show it's daily carry, which truly gives it a unique classic look. I think that it's simplicity is what I like most about this wallet. It is smaller than the Axis, but carries almost as much. The combination of fine metal and quality leather really makes it a rugged and refined piece. And the fact I can open an adult soda pop in two seconds is a neat feature built right in. The Contour comes in a nice little package, complete with extra screws for the face plate and wretch for sizing adjustments. The regular strap is adjustable down to fit less cards if you see fit and like I said I was able to fit 10 cards in after it had been broken in. If I was going to give one piece criticism, it would be that I wish you could purchase the extended strap as an accessory. Certainly not a game changer, this wallet is nice. This is my wallet of choice. I carry it daily, and barely notice that it's in my front pocket (its so minimal). The price is a bit high, but what you are purchasing is something that will last a lifetime, will protect your valuables better than standard wallets carried in your back pocket, is made of quality materials, and features a rugged yet refined look great for any setting. Trayvax hit the mark with this one. I look forward to using it for the rest of my days.

United States

The Lifetime Wallet

Coming from a traditional bi-fold wallet, this was very easy to get used to. It screams simplicity yet feels and looks complex. I have zero complaints about this wallet. Some may think it is overpriced, but you don't walk into a Ferrari dealership and complain about the price being too high. You cannot put a price on hardwork and perfect craftsmanship. Definitely a lifetime customer.

Trayvax Contour - Gold
Tudor Z.


Small enough to attach to keys, classy enough to display!!! Hopefully will never lose my wallet or my car keys again. Thank you Trayvex!

Trayvax Contour - RawTrayvax Contour - RawTrayvax Contour - Raw

Awesome Wallet

Best wallet in the world period.

Joe G.
United States

Great piece

Great construction, durable materials and a very small comfy feel in the front pocket. The bottle opener works great too!!!