Lifetime Warranty

Our promise. Every Trayvax wallet comes with a lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers hardware failure under normal usage (e.g. broken straps, worn out Velcro, broken grommets, broken para-cord, broken rivets, etc...) However, misuse, accidental damage and cosmetic damage is not covered by the warranty (e.g. scratches, dents, animals ripping leather, metal plates bending from misuse as a screwdriver, bent plates from being ran over by a car, etc…

What about Cerakote? All wallet hardware is covered by a lifetime warranty. However, cosmetic wear and tear is not covered. Cerakote is a ceramic, baked-on layer that adds style and corrosion resistance to our wallets. Unfortunately, with daily use and abuse the Cerakote may chip, especially at the edges of the wallet. This in no way diminishes the corrosion resistance or the integrity of the wallet, it’s just one of the realities of the Cerakoted wallets.

Please contact us at for replacements/more info.