Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain

$ 14.99
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Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain

$ 14.99

Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain

$ 14.99

Free Shipping!

Our Leather
We pride ourselves in making quality gear that stands out from the crowd and there’s no reason our leather should be any different. Our American cows had a lifetime of experiences etched into their hide and there’s plenty of room for you to add yours. Look out for small aesthetic effects on our leather such as blemishes and battle scars to see what really makes your product unique!
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Great Benefits

  • Stainless-steel key chain
  • Top-grain oil-tanned leather
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Includes 1" split-ring
  • Made in USA
  • 65-year heirloom warranty

Elegant Design

The Trayvax® Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain is an elegant combination of stainless steel and top-grain oil-tanned leather. We’ve integrated a hidden bottle opener so you can enjoy your favorite beverages, while keeping it classy. The leather will develop a patina as a constant reminder of your journey. Streamline pockets and keep keys organized with the Keyton.

The Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain is sourced and Made in the USA and comes backed by the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty.

Practical Features

Practical Features Image
Practical Features Image

A leather keychain with a hidden bottle opener. Streamline pockets and enjoy your favorite beverages with the Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain.

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