Trayvax Enterprises

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What’s Happening at Trayvax?

New Products Coming Soon

In 2013 our owner, Mark King, was machining every Trayvax wallet by hand and powder-coating the aluminum faceplates with a small counter-top oven.

Today, Trayvax has over 30 employees devoted to manufacturing products made to stand the test of time. Built to last, built to use, and built for you, our gear is designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

As we continue to grow and expand what we do, we’re excited to share some products our team is working on. Who knows, it may be your next favorite product!

Roam Clutch

Roam Clutch

Trek Knife

Trek Knife

The Roam Clutch

Wherever you roam the Roam is ready. Always by your side as a conveniently convertible purse or clutch.

It’s elegant design gives its wearer a unique look with easy access to anything one might need from business cards to your phone. The high-quality leather offers a classy feel available in black or brown and is smooth to the touch while still remaining durable for any adventure.

Whether you are out on the town or traveling far, the slender look and snap closure will keep your personal belongings secure. The Roam is made for women by women. 

The Challenge

It was the Summer of 2018…

The Trayvax Product Development Team was handed a challenge to do something they had never done before – to design a completely new line of women’s products that were worthy of the Trayvax name.

After months of designing, they had an Epiphany.

The Process

What started as an Epiphany turned into something more

Roam Further