What is the best-looking leather wallet?

What is the best-looking leather wallet?

Trayvax combines the aesthetic elegance of leather with the utility of slim minimalist wallets to offer products like the Contour, Element, and Ascent. All three of these are outstanding in their own regard, but when it comes to talking about the "best-looking" one, the Ascent is the undisputed winner.

From the utilitarian design to the rugged construction, this front pocket wallet comes with some awesome features and aesthetics. The minimalistic profile allows it to be carried around in small spaces such as inner coat pockets or breast pockets.

Ascent wallet best looking

The RFID protection makes the Ascent all the more desirable. You can put in your RFID-enabled cards and passes without worrying about having your precious data stolen by hackers.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the other aspects of this wallet. If you are not convinced as of yet, you might be by the end of this post.

Looks and Appearance

While this slim beast is priced the lowest among the three leather minimalist wallets offered by Trayvax, the looks are by far the most elegant. You get to see a ridged metallic frame along with two robust-looking rivets next to the attachment point. The top-grain leather is handstitched to the frame, adding another touch of charisma to the already tough façade.

ascent best looking wallet

Another aspect that makes the Ascent so exceptional with regards to its looks is the number of combinations, colors, and finishes you can choose from at the time of making your purchase.

The frame is available in two different finishes which include black and raw (this one is essentially just the typical metallic silver). The leather comes in four different colors which include Mississippi Mud, Stealth Black, Brown, and Steel Grey. You can come up with your own combinations by mixing and matching the colors for the two components.

You can go even more personalized by opting for the custom engraving option. If you engrave some personal details such as your name or number, you will be easier to find and track in case you misplace or lose your wallet.

Card and Cash Compartments

There are a total of three pockets in the Ascent. The two main compartments are for storing cards while the smaller space at the back is for holding a few folded bills of backup cash. It’s always a good idea to have some cash with you even if you are in the habit of only using your bank card for shopping.

The pocket at the front comes with a selection window. This is useful if you want to browse through the contents without taking them out completely. This compartment can hold up to 3 cards. The pocket with the pull tab, on the other hand, can hold up to 4. The cash slot at the back can be used to carry a couple of coins or receipts instead of bills.

RFID Protection

You’ve probably heard of RFID. It stands for Radio Frequency Identification and in a nutshell, it allows data to be transferred between the sender and receiver without any physical contact.

This technology can be used in bank cards in order to reduce the time taken for transactions. The card can be waved in front of the scanner instead of tapping or inserting it anywhere. Similarly, bus passes and keycards can also be equipped with this mechanism.

While it does have its benefits, RFID comes with one major threat. The remote, long-distance functionality can be exploited by hackers. If you have placed your card without any sort of protection, someone could use a scanner to skim your data without you being aware of it.

That is why, nowadays, wallets come with RFID protection. This feature blocks external malicious interference and prevents hackers from getting access to your precious data.

The thing to note is that occurrences of such theft are not very common. Nevertheless, precautions have to be taken and that is why you should always opt for RFID protection if you are carrying cards enabled with the technology.


And there you have it. The Ascent is a great choice for customers who are looking for a slim alternative to traditional billfolds and pocketbooks. The capacity, in comparison to the Trayvax Contour and Element, is a bit less but it can be quite enough for most users.

The price tag for this slim wallet is just $59.99. Although this might look like a bit much, this is around the average that you will see for products that are made using genuine leather.

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