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RFID Wallet: What is it & Where to Buy One? (2019)

The Trayvax Armored Summit is one of the best-selling RFID-blocking wallets on the market. As a matter of fact, an RFID-skimming thief would need to be less than one inch from the Armored Summit in order to steal your information. But what is an RFID-blocking wallet and are they really necessary?

rfid blocking wallet from Trayvax

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Card. These are cards (credit cards, IDs, passports, entrance key cards, etc.) that store your personal information via a chip or tag. There is typically a built-in antenna that transmits this information to an RFID reader. The idea is that you brush the card against the RFID reader so that it can quickly process your information.

For instance, “smart cards” are RFID credit cards that allow you to process a payment without having to swipe your card. Simply place the card near an RFID reader and the reader will be able to quickly process your payment. The downside is that anyone with an RFID reader can easily compromise your information.

Are RFID Blocking Wallets Effective?

RFID technology makes it fairly easy for someone with a handheld reader to steal your card information. Shielded metallic sleeves or fabrics offer the best RFID-protection. In order for an RFID wallet to be effective, it needs to incorporate some type of metallic protection.

It is also important to note the degree of protection offered. A high-powered RFID reader can pick up an unobstructed RFID signal from several feet away. While some wallets may diminish that signal to 4-5 inches, others, like the Armored Summit Bundle, offer protection from less than inch away.

Do I Need an RFID-Blocking Wallet?

You may ask yourself, “Do I need an RFID-blocking wallet?” The answer, “It depends on what you’re trying to protect.” Not all credit cards have RFID. As a matter of fact, most do not. If you are unsure, we recommend contacting your bank, but common RFID credit cards include names like PayPass, Blink, PayWave and Express Pay.

If you have an entrance key card to your apartment, home, or business or if you have a high-security job with an entrance key card, it would be important to protect that information. Passports and some state-issued IDs also store personal information via RFID, and most State’s provide a security sleeve to protect the RFID tag from being activated when you are not at a border crossing station.

All that being said, it certainly makes sense to protect your personal information with an RFID-blocking wallet like the Armored Summit by Trayvax.


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