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Operations Update: October 2020

Fall is in the air in the Pacific Northwest. For our warehouse, this means gearing up for the holiday season. Since June, our warehouse operations have been adjusting to newly implemented systems. Over the past few months we have fine-tuned these systems and are excited for the continued growth.


At Trayvax, we look at manufacturing a little differently. Sustainability is at the forefront of every product we create, how we implement new systems & of course giving back 10% of all profits to select non-profits.

We recently launched our newest product in our Own the Very Best Collection the Trayvax CarabinerThis product was created out of necessity, furthering our commitment to creating all products in a sustainable manner. The carabiner is custom cut in our CNC-machine out of the same material we use to create our Contour wallet. 



As the Contour became one of our best selling minimalist wallets, we knew we needed to create a long term solution to recycle these durable metals. Similar to the cord wrangler, the carabiner was created in order to utilize excess material and leave no trace. Still backed by our 65-year warranty and made from the strongest materials available, these simple but useful products stack perfectly with others.

To reduce, reuse and recycle properly should be how American products are made. We take pride in knowing we are preserving our natural environment to the best of our ability for future generations. 

This past month we started donating scraps of leather to local start-ups. Such as a leather-smith who repairs all types of leather. We are happy to support the community that embodies the American made philosophy.

Engraving & Product Updates

Engraving is now available on the Link EDC LanyardIf you missed September’s Ops Updatewe are currently offering engraving on the following products:
-OG 2.0
-Explorer Passport
-Summit Notebook
-Link EDC Lanyard

Adding a name, special note or cell phone number to your front pocket carry wallet adds a personal touch impossible to replicate. If you are buying a gift for someone or yourself consider an engraving; look for the “ENGRAVE IT” button at checkout on select products.

We currently have 3-5 business day shipping times, depending on location, given the circumstances from the June delays, we are continually grateful for our amazing customer base supporting us through difficult times.

Happy Get To Know Your Customer Day



Last week was Get To Know Your Customers Day. We are constantly trying to improve our products and services. We understand the need to build products that exceed our customers expectations; this can be seen through the launch of the Trek Field Knife. 

Thus, we need to be consistently listening to our customers in order to improve. If you would like to complete our recent customer survey click here. Leave comments below or email us directly at support@trayvax.com.

The Results are in! We heard from nearly 500 customers.

-The top three products were The Contour, OG 2.0 & Element.
-Ride to Remember was the most popular EYS video with Life of a Black Cop in America in a close second
-Top three favorite hobbies were fishing, photography and backpacking

Thanks for sharing!


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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chick mullaney
chick mullaney

November 05, 2020

FINE work by a team that deserve a special thanks. IF I lived closer I could be your custodial staff or some that likes to amond good people that are a team thanka again chick mullaney wilmington N.C 5 miles the pond..

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