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Link Quick Release Lanyard

Introducing the Trayvax Quick Release Lanyards!


There's a reason we are launching on Friday the 13th! Our quick release lanyards are made to protect you from the unexpected. Always be prepared for any situation with our unique lanyards. 

Trayvax lanyards have a custom swivel attachment, with push button quick release. Keep your gear ready, close to the hip, with effortless accessibility. 

Trayvax Link-Stretch $39.99

Our most functional lanyard with elastic shock cord, climb-spec nylon, custom melonite carabiner and black-oxide quick release swivel, additional attachment swivel, two key rings, and 550 mil-spec paracord.

Product Details

Length: 16-25 Inches  Width: 0.5 Inches  Thickness: 0.5 Inches 

Trayvax Link $29.99 

The perfect companion for your everyday carry with climb-spec nylon, custom melonite carabiner and black-oxide quick release swivel, and key ring.

Product Details

Length: 5.5 Inches  Width: 0.5 Inches  Thickness: 0.5 Inches 



Trayvax Extension Multi Pack $19.99

Four quick release swivel attachment pieces, four key rings, and four lengths of 550 mil-spec paracord to hook up all your gear. Make sure you have everything you need secured and ready on the fly. 

Trayvax Quick Release Attachment Pack $5.99

Our quick release swivel attachment combined with 550 mil-spec paracord for our most creative package. Show us how you hook up our paracord to your favorite gear. 


  • COLE

    I would like to make a purchase! I could definitely use this! Any more coming soon!?

  • Nick Pizzitola

    Bring EM Back!

  • Jess

    Hope you guys bring the lanyards back!

  • jason burns

    Got my axis 2months ago. Absolutely love it. You can feel the quality and such materials will age and gain personality nicely. I am thinking the link strech will hold my needle nose fishing plyers most nicely. I will be ordering link & link strech, extention multi pack and a few carabiners. Question. ……will yall stop making the contour once sold out. Post said limited time or numbers. If thats the case ill be needing one of those as well. Thanks J Burns

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