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How Many Cards Can Fit Into an Ascent Wallet?

All Trayvax wallets form a patina from use overtime. Our wallets are a product that customizes itself to your unique lifestyle. The Horween leather stretches and molds to the amount of cards you carry everyday. There is a way to speed up this process by soaking it in water.

This past week our head designer, Nolan, tested out a brand new Ascent; trying to determine how many cards we can fit into the slim wallet. Upon completing each hand stitched Ascent, before we package up each one they are pre-stretched to expand the corners of the wallet. This allows the new owner to conveniently slide their credit cards and cash into their designated slots without issue.

Nolan shows us just how many cards we can squeeze into this minimalist wallet. He also provides a few tips to stretch out the top grain leather and speed up the customization process. Watch as we show you step by step how the Ascent forms around the contents in the wallet.

Check Out the Full Video: How Many Cards CAN the Trayvax Ascent Fit? - Testing the Ascent Card Capacity

Customizing Your Ascent

We understand that at first glance it may be daunting to think you can squeeze 13+ cards into this slim, easy access wallet. But with just a few easy steps, you’ll be organizing your pull tab cards and still have room in the cash slot. Whether your Ascent is brand new or been using it for some time this process still works.

For advice on How To Soak Your Trayvax Element check here.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Bowl of room temperature water

  2. Long flathead screwdriver

  3. All your everyday carry cards, plus two extra. Make sure not to use cards with chips!

  4. Piece of paper to simulate cash


Step By Step Guide to Develop a Patina

  1. Soak the empty Ascent wallet in the bowl of water, let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
  2. This allows the leather grain to soak up the water which will allow the leather wallet to stretch.
  3. The Ascent recommends 4-7 cards but in this video, Nolan stuffs up to 13 cars in a brand new Ascent. If you plan to carry more than seven cards - you will want to use the flat tip of the screw driver to expand the corners of the leather. Continue towards to mouth of the wallet running the screwdriver along the stitching. This will add space for more than 7 cards to fit inside.
  4. Start sliding cards into their respected slots. You will want to add more than one or two additional cards than you plan on using. This will provide just enough space for each card to slide in and out with ease.
  5. Slide the folded paper into the cash slot to account for a few bills.
  6. Let the wallet dry in a warm place or next to a fan for 6-12 hours, or until the wallet is fully dry.
  7. The cards may be stuck in there after drying. Use the flat head screwdriver to and wedge it between the rivets. Carefully push the cards out one at a time. Remove the paper and the additional cards.
  8. And voila! You have a custom front pocket wallet designed for every adventure.


    The Ascent is a tough EDC wallet ready for the long haul. The stainless steel divider allows for effortless organization of all your cards. We suggest placing your most used cards in the pull tab slot. The Ascent is sourced from American materials and hand made in our warehouse in Bellingham, WA. Just like all our Trayvax products the Ascent is backed by our 65-year Heirloom Warranty. 


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