5000 Summit Giveaway

All orders over $20.00 get a FREE Summit wallet for a friend! We'll even put it in a fancy gift box for you.

We're going to make this easy for you. Spend $20 and we'll include a FREE Summit with your order. All we ask is that you gift the wallet to a friend.

STEP 1: Spend $20 on Trayvax.com

STEP 2: Receive your order with the FREE Summit included (we'll just add it to your order).

STEP 3: Remove the sticky note from the Summit gift box.

STEP 4: Share this gift with a friend.

It's that easy! Friendships should last a lifetime and wallets should too. Spend $20 and give your friend a gift that will last a lifetime.

Trayvax Summit Gifting

Contact us with any questions at support@trayvax.com.




  • Tobin

    Don’t forget the amour plate. It’s a great addition to the Summit!

  • Trayvax Support

    Hey Chad,
    Thanks for reaching out. We reached out to get in touch with you. If anyone has any questions or concerns about the summit giveaway please contact us at support@trayvax.com

  • Chad

    I just ordered $400+ worth of element wallets. Notification even said the gift was included. Opened the box when it arrived and it wasn’t in the package.

  • GRegg SCronce

    Just received my element wallet so far very happy I think you should make phone cases to match just a suggestion your craftsmanship looks great

  • Teresa

    This is an AWESOME deal…I have many Military friends & this Summit wallet is a perfect gift. Thanks Trayvax !!!

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