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Collectors Club

The Trayvax trend begins with one wallet. Once you own your first Trayvax wallet, you may become attached for life! Many have decided to upgrade, buy wallets for their friends and family, or start a collection. The fact that you own multiple Trayvax wallets makes us proud and your loyalty to Trayvax has inspired us.

We want to honor your support with an invitation to join the Trayvax Collector's Club. As a member you'll have exclusive access to new products, special releases, and other customization options available only to Collectors. We'll keep you up to speed on what's happening around the workshop, upcoming events, and more. Membership is free when you register by posting a review to Facebook with a comment including your photo of 3 or more Trayvax Wallets.

A special gift will come your way with membership! Thank you for your loyalty to our company. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.


  • Pete Smith

    Just got my first Trayvax Original… Love it! It’s everything I need and nothing I don’t… perfect!

  • Matthew Acree

    Love my new wallet holds everything I need in a compact leather case that I can clip to anything on me or leave in my pocket comfortablely.

  • Gene

    I bought a Trayvax Original a few months ago to try a new wallet. I was tired of the bulky leather blah blah literally pain in the butt wallet.

    I absolutely love this wallet. I am buying one or two more just because. These are the greatest wallets ever.

    Your customer service is a model that all businesses should follow. After my purchase I emailed asking a question and they made an adjustment without me even asking or expecting one!

    I get so many people asking me about this wallet as well. I have recommended it to at least a dozen people and I know for sure many of them have bought them.

  • Chris laflamme

    Love the wallets I am waiting on the new axis line and I am going to pick up a summit for business cards and that will round out my three.

  • Michael Laurel

    Now thats a manly wallet.. simple to use , and very very slim.
    Now to show it off to my customers

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