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Trayvax Element - Mississippi Mud (Black Edition)

$ 84.99

The Trayvax Element, our flagship product, has been redesigned with a single part plate, enhancing functionality and creating a more comfortable product for your everyday carry. The Black Edition has been upgraded to a melonite finish for increased durability. 

The Element is a handcrafted leather wallet constructed from top grain oil tanned leather, type II MIL-SPEC paracord, and raw tumbled stainless steel. Newly upgraded features include: an enhanced money clip, easily accessible bottle opener, compressed steel frame for a lightweight single steel plate. 

The Element combines all the features, ruggedness, and durability of the Trayvax Original with the elegant simplicity of a traditional leather wallet. Like its predecessor, the Element is 100% Made in USA. This is a top-quality wallet we’re not afraid to stand behind. US Design and Patents Pending.

Leather is a natural product that has a lifetime worth of stories behind each hide. Our leather shows their own unique story through natural blemishes, battle scars, or slight difference in color from other hides. Each Element comes with a unique look to go with its durable feel.

Product Details

Length: 4.5 Inches  Width: 2.8 Inches  Thickness: 0.5 Inches

  • MIL-SPEC paracord
  • Convenient bottle opener



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Brian B.
United States

Greatest Wallet Ever

There I was in a dark dingy bar. The slight smokey hue of the florescent lighting illuminated my half finished beer ever so slightly. As I took the last sip of my frosty beverage I still felt thirsty, out of beer and afraid. I looked at the bartender and signaled that I needed another. She said in a raspy rough voice "I'm sorry hon, but all we have is bottles left and I ain't got no bottle opener". As she tried to find something else to open a bottle of beer I gave her a slight flirtatious and confident wink, reached into my front pocket and remembered that I had bought a Trayvax Element just a few days earlier. As I drew my wallet from within my dusty and well broken in jeans, I glanced over at the retired Marine next to me. I knew he was a vet by his grizzly look, half smoked cigar and the "Vietnam Combat Vet - Semper Fi" hat he wore. He looked strangely at my wallet and stated "My goodness Son, that looks like Paracord holding that thing together!" I said "yes sir it is, and it's got some crazy strong leather too!" Lost in our conversation, I was gently reminded by the bartender, "Honey, you gonna want this beer or not I can't get it open!" I said, sure. Thinking to myself, "I sure hope this bottle opener works on my wallet". I quickly stood up, put 3 dollars on the bar for the bartender, grabbed the bottle firmly and with a swift motion I popped the top of the beer and all 17 patrons in this old dive bar clapped and cheered. The Vietnam Veteran vowed to buy one of those "Genius Wallets" himself and asked me where I purchased it from. Me I just sat back down, enjoyed my last cold one and smiled as I knew I made the right purchase. Thanks Trayvax!

Shea H.
United States

Rugged, Minimal, Stylish... Perfect

Title says it all. Couldn't be more pleased

United States

Fantastic wallet.

So far I am very satisfied with this wallet. Great craftsmanship. It fits more than a couple bills.

United States

Best wallet

Best wallet very stylish and useful best wallet I have ever had!

Ryan M.
United States

Gorgeous Sturdy wallet, doesn't block rfid on my work pass though.

I adore this wallet. it fits all my cards and money and doesn't shoot out everywhere when I drop it which was a huge step up from my HUMN wallet. I do wish the RFID proctection was a bit stronger, but I doubt it will hurt me in the long run. It very well might be blocking my credit cards, but I have no way to test it. And its seriously just a stunning wallet.